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February 28, 2006

I almoust finished the second sleeve yesterday evening, while drinking tea and eating the special scones (bolludagsbollur) with Böðavar and Jón Gunnar. And since I woke up early enough this morning I allowed myself to knit a few rounds while I was eating my yougurt and müesli. My head was obviously fresh, well, at least working better than when I started to knit the second (right) sleeve because I noticed that I had made an error and had to unravel down to well below elbow !#$%&/!”#$%= frustation!!! The thing is that I decided to knit a purl square around the elbow, i.e. on the back side of each sleeve, thus the second sleeve had to be a mirror image of the first one. Which I of course had completely forgotten in the heat of the moment, starting the second sleeve. Oh well. I decided to do this right away, and then knitted a few rounds, with the purl on back side of the new sleeve. So. It looks like I won’t finish the sweater in the weekend, as I had hoped for. Damn mistakes….


Lopapeysa for Böðvar in progress

February 21, 2006

Hi. I managed to get ill during last weekend. Still, I layed tiles with my father on Saturday and went out for a walk on Sunday. But I also knitted quite a bit and I have know finished the body and 35 cm out of 47 of one arm. I’m using a pattern from Ístex called Fönn:

I chose the same main colour as shown above but decided to change the colur of the leafs to this one (grágrænn or greyish green?)

and I want to try and knit the center of each leaf in a brighter green shade:

After work I have planned to shop for some more létt-lopi!!! I want to make a sweater for my mother and maybe one or two in babysizes.
As I’m sitting here at work, I can’t concentrate since I keep getting new ideas for cholor schemes, knitting projects etc.


February 16, 2006

I allowed myself to knit a bit this morning;a little while I was eating my breakfast (I like to eat quite slowly) and a little afterwards, two rounds or so on Böðvars lopapeysa. I guess that must have had good effects on my creative thinking for the minute I walked into my office I got an idea: something to make for Christmas presents. I intend to have most of them homemade this year.

My friends are coming over tonight for a chat and little something, thus I have a good reason to sit and knit all night. Lucky me!

I intend to keep record of everything I knit here this year, and forward, and preferably a photo too. So, although these have already appeared on my web-diary, I allow myself to publish them here also:

I made another pair of these socks last autumn (but changed green for red colour and vice versa); I gave them to the newborn daughter of my old friend. I intend to knit a wrapped jumper/jacket in same colours. I’ve already started to knit one sleeve but thought it was to wide. I haven’t done much since.

I finished this lopapeysa in November. I’m ashamed to tell you that I actually started to knit the sleeves in August last summer! But I got really really bored of it and didn’t touch it for weeks (or months). I wear it all the time. It’s really nice and I’ve already made plans to knit another one. But of course in different colours and with a different pattern.

Refurnishing the Kitchen

February 15, 2006

Hello. I’ve decided to dedicate this blog-site to my knitting projects, and other handmade things I love to create. At the moment I’m refurnishing my kitchen so I have’nt had as much time for knitting as usual. Now I’m doing socks and caps for my friends’ unborn babies. Well, two girls were born on January 14th and I gave them a pair of these

I think I will knit four more pairs for the other ones, which are still unborn!
I’ve also started to knit a pullower for Böðvar (my cute boyfriend:-o) of léttlopi. So far the progress is slow, I’ve just started to use the 2nd skein of lopi. But I came up with this brilliant idea of knitting while I’m reading geophysical articles for my master’s thesis, while I’m knitting the body (one doesn’t have to look to much what ones doing for that part of the pullower). I wonder if it works and I will finally finish reading all those papers! I’ll let you know.