I allowed myself to knit a bit this morning;a little while I was eating my breakfast (I like to eat quite slowly) and a little afterwards, two rounds or so on Böðvars lopapeysa. I guess that must have had good effects on my creative thinking for the minute I walked into my office I got an idea: something to make for Christmas presents. I intend to have most of them homemade this year.

My friends are coming over tonight for a chat and little something, thus I have a good reason to sit and knit all night. Lucky me!

I intend to keep record of everything I knit here this year, and forward, and preferably a photo too. So, although these have already appeared on my web-diary, I allow myself to publish them here also:

I made another pair of these socks last autumn (but changed green for red colour and vice versa); I gave them to the newborn daughter of my old friend. I intend to knit a wrapped jumper/jacket in same colours. I’ve already started to knit one sleeve but thought it was to wide. I haven’t done much since.

I finished this lopapeysa in November. I’m ashamed to tell you that I actually started to knit the sleeves in August last summer! But I got really really bored of it and didn’t touch it for weeks (or months). I wear it all the time. It’s really nice and I’ve already made plans to knit another one. But of course in different colours and with a different pattern.


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