Lopapeysa for Böðvar in progress

Hi. I managed to get ill during last weekend. Still, I layed tiles with my father on Saturday and went out for a walk on Sunday. But I also knitted quite a bit and I have know finished the body and 35 cm out of 47 of one arm. I’m using a pattern from Ístex called Fönn:

I chose the same main colour as shown above but decided to change the colur of the leafs to this one (grágrænn or greyish green?)

and I want to try and knit the center of each leaf in a brighter green shade:

After work I have planned to shop for some more létt-lopi!!! I want to make a sweater for my mother and maybe one or two in babysizes.
As I’m sitting here at work, I can’t concentrate since I keep getting new ideas for cholor schemes, knitting projects etc.


One Response to “Lopapeysa for Böðvar in progress”

  1. siggasif Says:

    Oooo, beautiful pullover. I think the green shades will look really nice. I understand completely the concentration problem 🙂

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