I almoust finished the second sleeve yesterday evening, while drinking tea and eating the special scones (bolludagsbollur) with Böðavar and Jón Gunnar. And since I woke up early enough this morning I allowed myself to knit a few rounds while I was eating my yougurt and müesli. My head was obviously fresh, well, at least working better than when I started to knit the second (right) sleeve because I noticed that I had made an error and had to unravel down to well below elbow !#$%&/!”#$%= frustation!!! The thing is that I decided to knit a purl square around the elbow, i.e. on the back side of each sleeve, thus the second sleeve had to be a mirror image of the first one. Which I of course had completely forgotten in the heat of the moment, starting the second sleeve. Oh well. I decided to do this right away, and then knitted a few rounds, with the purl on back side of the new sleeve. So. It looks like I won’t finish the sweater in the weekend, as I had hoped for. Damn mistakes….


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