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A small stitching project

March 29, 2006

On Wednesday last week, I went home from work, feeling ill. I also spent Thursday mostly in bed, and half Friday as well. My spirits were so low that I was hardly interested in finishing my little hooded jacket!!! No, I'm quiet serious. But I find it very, very difficult staying home, not doing anything useful, so I started on a sewing project I had decided to do a few weeks ago. And, man, I got so into it I could hardly stop.

I use shaded lilac and and green thread to stitch this simple pattern, which then will be sewn onto a white, baby duvet cover (sængurver).


An inbetween project

March 21, 2006

A month ago, I bought some létt-lopi on sale. I bought yarn for three jumper for only 3000 kr! Well, only one of them is for an adult, the other two for a 1-2 year old. I intend to knit a jacket for my mother for her birthday. The two hooded children jackets I will also give away. I love the colour variety for létt-lopi. And I decided not to knit in the traditional original-sheep-colours, but boldly chose colours for these three jackets. The one for my mum will be in forest green, bright green and brown, maybe white too (green seems to be my favourite colour at the moment, surprise, surprise!). Although I had already started to knit the Rowan jacket for Böðvar, I just couldn’t resist the urge to try the colour combination I chose for one of the two smaller jackets. I started roughly a week ago and now only the hood is left:

Hmmm, I don’t know if I am really pleased with the results, but I think it’s okay. The other one will be white with two greenish-blue additional colours:

So, honestly, what do you think?

Project “Léttlopapeysa for Böðvar” completed and successful

March 7, 2006

Hi. I finally finished the jumper for Böðvar on Sunday evening. I spent the weekend with Böðvar’s family in a summer cabin near lake Laugarvatn. Thus, I had enough time for relaxing and knitting and managed to finish when I came home on Sunday evening. This is what it looked like February 20th:

And this is what it looks like now:

I think he likes it, although I haven’t actually given it to him yet…

I’ve already cast on for another jumper for Böðvar, hmmmm, i might give it to him at Christmas, or to celebrate our one year together in May? Anayway, I’m knitting this jacket:

using Rowan yarn for stiches number 8 (mm, 7 for the rib):

And that’s all for now…