Idleness? No…

It's about time that I updated this blog. Although I haven't written anything for almost a month now, doesn't necessarily mean I haven't been doing anything. The problem is just that I haven't FINISHED anything since I wrote last time. Except for the stiching project I told you about last time. The thing is that I'm away now until the end of May, taking a course at Uppsala University in Sweden.

 I nearly finished the first sleeve from the Rowan-jacket for Böðvar the day before I went. But I decided not to take that project with me, since it's very bulky and the yarn would take too much space in my otherwise stuffed suitcase. Instead, I brought létt-lopi to knit a birthday present for my mother. I started to knit the body on the plane on my way here and now I'm about to finish the first sleeve. Hmmm, I guess you think this is going very slowly, but I've actually  had to remember myself of why I'm really here (i.e. not for knitting)… I have to do well in this seismology course, and preferebly write something useful for my thesis. But at least I allow myself to knit while I eat breakfast. And of course if there's something special on TV. Or if I take the bus instead of the bicycle. Or just if the weather is great and I just want to enjoy the sun on my doorsteps…

 But what you probably don't know is that here in Uppsala they have this fascinating yarn shop, YlloTyll. It's just wonderful. I've been there tree times already (I arrived April 9th). And of course I had to buy some yarn. So know I'm also knitting a baby jacket in this wonderfully soft, blue alpaca wool (actually the same colour I bought for a jacket for myself just before I left Iceland; and it's waiting for me…). But that wasn't enough. No. I also bought one skein of quite expensive, handdyed cotton for a little something. And,… ohh well, I also bought some more alpaca (just one skein though) for a little secret project I hope to finish soon. And then I'll tell you what it is, and of course I will add a photo too;-) I think it won't be to long…

 The pattern I'm using for my mother's "lopapeysa" is this one from Ístex. As usually, I'm using different colours. The base colour is forest green and the two additional colours are apple green and white. I won't knit the hood since my mother doesn't like it. Now I am a little worried that I have knitted the sleeve a bit too tight. Maybe I can strech it when I wash it? It will also widen a bit when one wears it? Won't it? 


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