Mad about pearls

I finished knitting the first half of my little secret project during two episodes of Sex and the city last night. I just forgot to buy a needle to sew it together last time I visited the yarn store. Maybe I shall take a stroll downtown and get one for the evening? Not such a bad idea. Anyway. It's made of black alpaca wool from Garnstudio and white pearls, which I also bought at the yarn shop. I drew the pattern using  two different patterns from photos I found on the internet and then added the dots. So here's what the wristwarmers look like

An almost finished wristwarmer Wristwarmer, alpaca wool and pearls

 Before I went to sleep last night I finished threading the 216 pearls needed for one warmer onto the alpaca yarn. Can't wait to finish the second one! So far I've drawn two other patterns and will definitely try them when I've fineshed these.


4 Responses to “Mad about pearls”

  1. Beth S. Says:

    Oh, that’s a lovely beading pattern. Nice work!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    MJög flottur handsmokkur!

    I would like to try knitting beads one of these days. It scares me.

  3. Sonja Says:

    So do you knit it first and then add the beads later?

  4. Sigurlaug Says:

    No, first I thread the pearls onto the yarn, and then I knit and ad them between stitches according to the drawn pattern.

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