Thesis: 0 pages – lopapeysa: done

I just had to finish knitting this one before I got out this morning:

I'm actually quite pleased with the colours I selected and the few, small changes I made to the pattern. I still have some grafting, sewing and washing to do before I can give it, but still, I'm almost there;-)

 The same can though not be said about my d… thesis. Progress? None. But… I've decided to start today at 4PM. Wish me good luck!

 Now, I still haven't decided what to knit on the plane to Helsinki. Shall I start something new?


5 Responses to “Thesis: 0 pages – lopapeysa: done”

  1. Sigga Sif Says:

    Vá, the pullover is beautiful, I really like the yoke pattern.

    Do you have any works in progress? It’s always a good feeling to get closer to finishing them! And just to make you feel worse, you could of course work on the thesis on the plane. AAAAHAHAHAHA! Hmmmm…

  2. Beth S. Says:

    Ooh, it’s lovely! 🙂

  3. Johiris Says:

    🙂 It is very impressive! Good job!

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Wow, that pattern is really nice, you did such a nice job.

    Good luck with the thesis, I know how those things go.

  5. Sigurlaug Says:

    No, Sigga, no work in progress now, that is, not here in Sweden. Finished the baby jacket last night. A few are on the other hand waiting for me back home in Iceland… Quite a few;-)

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