Now I have a plan, and new yarn

Hmmm. Could life be more beautiful? Now that I have made a plan (thesis), and… have bought 9 skeins of Drops alpaca wool for this marvellous, colourful west in my favourite yarn shop, down town in Uppsala? I also bought a pair of wooden knitting pins, hoping to be able to knit on the plane to Helsinki. The sun was still shining when I woke up this morning. I hardly believed the forcast would hold, but of course it did. I had just finished shopping the yarn when a few drops started to fall and by the time I got back to Geocenter the rain was falling even harder and I could hear the sound of distant thunders. Oh well, I guess sunny days couldn't last for ever. And anyway, why should I care? I still have to spend my days at the office, trying to be productive… I actually also bought one skein of drops-alaska yarn (wool). Could't resist it. Your know the feeling. And I had not quite made up my mind, whether I should start to knit this cabled pullower (the one no. 85-23) for Böðvar, or the Alpaca-west. Instead of knitting the pullower in the traditional off-white colour, I was wondering if it would look cool in a different colour. I chose a shade of blue (no. 52), it's actually a very similar to the one Sigga Sif chose for her leaf lace pullower. If I'm pleased with the colour, I will buy some more. Last night I finished the baby jacket (more alpaca wool;-), watching another two episodes of Sex and the City. I haven't taken any photos yet, since I still have to sew on the buttons and decorate it with pearls. Hmmm; and I still haven't written those 1,5 pages I was supposed to write today. So, that's it for now…


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  1. Sigga Sif Says:

    I was using Drops Eskimo, and just in case I’m going to warn you that it pills like freaking crazy (hnökrar). I don’t recommend it, despite it being really nice and soft.

    Go write girl 😉

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