Finally, I finished someting!

Hello there!
It’s been an awfully long silence. I don’t quite know what happened but I haven’t uttered a word here since I came from Sweden. Thankfully, I haven’t stopped knitting, but somehow I’ve been working on so many things at the same time that for quite long I didn’t actually finish anything. But that has changed!

To start with, I have to show you this photo of a proud mother wearing her birthday present:

She looks happy, doesn’t she?

Then, when Sigga Sif came here for a visit in late June, we went together shopping for Icelandic wool, lopi. I wanted to do another lopi-jacket for myself, and finally finished it last weekend. Well, I still have to sew the zipper in, but I’m almost there:

I’m quite happy with the result.

At last, do you remember this one?

I was never quite happy with the colour scheme. But anyway, I finished knitting the sweater, but that was it. I never got to the finishing stage. I seriously began to think about ripping it last week. I just needed someone´s honest opinion before I did it. So, when Sigga Sif came for a visit yesterday, and agreed, I did it. And it didn’t feel all that bad.

Then, I had to do a little bit of knitting when I was in bed last night, and since I could sleep no longer than until six o’clock this morning, I did a little bit more. I just had to see whether I was pleased with the two colours I chose instead of the red and brown ones:

Actually, they’re quite safe, since these are the same ones I used for mothers jacket. I think this will do. What do you think?


6 Responses to “Finally, I finished someting!”

  1. Sonja Says:

    Finally a new post 😉

    I love the sweater you made for you and your mom. Your mom’s sweater has a great pattern. I’ve never before seen a hooded Icelandic Lopapeysa that I wanted but I really like yours.

    The old color scheme was ok I think but the new one is much better.

  2. Sigurlaug Says:

    Thanks, Sonja. I intend to be more active writing in the near future;-) And it’s always nicer to get comments!

  3. Sigga Sif Says:

    I think the new color scheme is great! It was definitely the right decision 🙂

    And yes, I think you should write more frequently!

  4. Emma Tulloch Says:

    Love the hooded lopipeysa. Thought you might be able to give me a tip on where to find a pattern for something similar? Have only knitted a sleeveless lopipeysa without a hood before so I don’t feel quite confident making one without a pattern. Am sitting snowed-in at home in Scotland!

  5. Doreen Says:

    HI what colors did you use for your moms sweater. I was going to have one knit in shades of green and am having trouble picking out a color palette. I wanted to maybe base with Leti-lopi and somehow work the spring green color in and no browns
    . Do you have a suggestion. Your moms sweater is so lovely.

  6. Sigurlaug Hjaltad. Says:

    Hi, i used 1407(pine green heather) as main colour, and 1406 (spring green) and white (0051) for pattern colours. Since then Ístex have added more lovely colours such as 1415, 1416 and 1417 which all go well together, see:

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