Short term and long term projects

I’ve had more than enough of the yellow dress. Why? Last weekend, I finished the second sleeve and the neckline, with quite a lot of pain… Firstly, I picked up 50 stitches on the back, but not on the front. I didn’t notice though, until I had cast off. Bother. I ripped it and started to pick up 40 stiches on the back. Amazingly, I managed to finish and cast off without making any errors. Then I picked again up 50 stitches, now on the front piece. Knitted, and cast off. The neckline has a picot edge, as well as the sleeves and the hem. So, the next thing to do was to fold the neckline and sew the edge down. And I started, only to notice another error on the front edge: I forgot once yo between two k2tog in the picot row….. And that’s not good enough, so I ripped up to that part, and knitted and cast off for the 3rd time. Arghhhhh!”#$%&/()#$% I hate, hate, hate mistakes…

Last Thursday I finished knitting the third pair of wristwarmers (handstúkur). This pair will be a christmas present for my mother. It’s OK, she already knows. But I forgot to take a photo. I’ll post it next time, promise. It has taken me quite a while to finish the warmers, I guess I started in June. The reason might be, that 390 beads were needed for each one… But It was worth the effort. You’ll see… (But don’t expect anything as spectacular as Sigga Sif’s wedding gloves!!!)

And of more long term projects: Here’s a background project that I’ve been working on lately

Two hearts beatingThis is a hint: A tiny, tiny heart beating somewhere down there, twice as fast as mine…

I expect to finish in a little more than five months. If all goes well…

Now, to prepare for the above mentioned, I’m knitting this jacket using off-white Lanett baby wool as a base colour and three shades of green for the pattern:


I actually started that one, hmmm… more than 2 years ago as a gift for a friend’s newborn, but didn’t finish (surprise, surprise…) I tend to do that a lot, as you might have noticed… The baby still got a gift, since I made another one, just in time; a striped jumper, a lot easier to knit but has been worn a lot. But back to the jacket: Since the pattern is something I have to concentrate on and takes quite a long time to knit, I decided to wisit the Alafoss-factory yesterday and buy some cotton yarn for a short term project, a Mason-Dixon bib. That one, I can have as a purse-project (carry it around, knit in the car…), since it is easy to knit and doesn’t need a lot of concentration. 


6 Responses to “Short term and long term projects”

  1. Hafrún Ásta Says:

    Congratulations on the tiny one.

  2. Sonja Says:

    Til hamingju með nýju Garnaflækjuna 😉

  3. Elín Björk Says:

    Innilega til hamingju!

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Til hamingju!!

    I have that same problem of not finishing projects myself. I have a lovely baby dress I knit someone for a gift and never finished because of crochet edging. And now 3 people I know had/are having babies and they were all boys.

  5. Sigga Sif Says:

    Til hamingju aftur! Þetta er allt saman svo spennandi. Mér líst vel á barnafötin 🙂

  6. Imba Says:

    Góðar fréttir!!!
    Þetta verður flottast klædda barnið í öllum heiminum!!!!!
    All the best to you both!

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