A wrapped up washcloth

Yesterday evening, I finally made the washcloth ready for departure. I rolled it up with a white soap bar, wrote a care label (and a few words to the receiver on the back side) and then tied it all together:
Black face-washcloth
I hope she’ll like the colour I selected, and the simple pattern (Nina’s seed stich surprise). The thing with the black is -I have absolutely no idea which colour my secret pal’s bathroom is; white would have been quite safe but… I just hate it when I wash in the evening and my mascara stains a newly washed facecloth, no matter how thoroughly I’ve tried to wash it off using only water and my hands first (or some fancy make-up-remover-stuff). Aren’t you familiar with this problem?  😉 Hence, I’ve often thought it would be a brilliant idea to use dark facecloths. And I’m also just quite fond of plain black and white. There you have it.
And here I present a blurred and foggy photo of the wristwarmers Sæunn got on her graduation day
Rowan pink wristwarmers
This is a Rowan pattern from Magazine nr. 38 (2005). I used double Rowan Kid Classic and 7mm needles. And I’m actually very pleased with the result:-) At the moment, I’m working on the second sleeve of the cream and green baby jacket (see two posts down). Moving slowly…

I made a little trip to the Álafoss factory last Friday to buy some wool (Kambgarn) for a striped blanket. I stood a while wondering which colours to chose, but ended up with these


I wanted several colours, and a colour scale or a gradient of similar colours. I haven’t quite made up my mind wether I’ll use all the colours. Better make some samples before I start. Whenever that will be:-o Actually, I should finish some of the other things I’ve already started first. First things first.


5 Responses to “A wrapped up washcloth”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    I really like these colours, I think they will look nice together.

    And the washcloth looks just lovely, I’m sure it will be appreciated.

  2. siggasif Says:

    mmmm… kambgarn!

    I agree with Rebecca – the washcloth looks really nice and the packaging is pretty. I think your reasoning about mascara stains sounds quite logical and I do agree!

  3. Gerður Says:

    Hæ, hæ, Ég þakka kærlega fyrir kveðjur á síðunni okkar og þetta er mjög skemmtileg síða hjá þér. Mér finnast smekkirnir ótrúlega flottir, hvar get ég nálgast uppskriftina. Ásthildur er mikið “smekk” barn og það væri gaman að prufa. Kær kveðja Gerður

  4. Sonja Says:

    Kambgarn er svo fallegt. Hlakka til að sjá hvernig teppi þú gerir. Þvottapokinn er snilld. Auðvitað eiga þeir að vera svartir 😉

  5. Maggie Says:

    I agree with you about your mascara staining your washcloth. I used to have the same problem with my roomates, except it was with foundation! They would wipe their extra liquid foundation on my washclothes and ruin them…

    Ah well friends are forever, washclothes come and go. haha

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