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More baby stuff, and boyfriend’s too

December 20, 2006

The second project I started for Little Spacey (that’s what my mother calls him/her since she saw the ultrasound image) was this alpaca-woolen top, since this baby will be born during the coldest time of the year. I also just like the deep green-blue colour, and can of course use it as a west over a long sleeve, plain shirt. I’m using rest yarn from the heart-jacket I knit for Elena Maria (a friend’s baby) last spring in Uppsala. I’we finished the back but still working on the front, as you can see (or not, the resolution is awful)

woolen top for fetus- soon baby

This has been kind of a purse-project, i.e. I often carry it around in my purse so I can knit if I have to wait somewhere, like on a red traffic light.

Three years ago, I guess, I bought a striped tank top in NOA NOA. I really liked the colour combination, red and pink (not baby pink), with the unusual addition of orange. Anyway, I came across a simple striped baby-jumper pattern in a Dale-pattern book/magazine I bought a little later. So, I decided to combine this foundness of stripes, nice colours and a tiny, cute baby jumper and knit this one, plus a pair of socks:

Striped baby jumper 

It was ment for no one special, but I think I kind of hoped to be able to use it for my own one day.  I thought about giving it to Arna, my niece, but I’m selfish and have decided not too. Since I have none other ready in this size for Spacey. Although I think it is a boy. But I can’t be 100% sure, can I? Anyway, can’t a baby wear whatever colour? It’s not all pink!

Although I’m in a panic finishing stuff for February, I still found the urge to start something new, not for the baby. The reason this time was really a sale at the yarn store which sells Rowan yarn in Reykjavík, Storkurinn. I saw that some expensive yarn was on sale, yarn which I did not even dare to think of buing earlier for a sweater for B.  I actually did not mean to knit this jumper quite yet, since I haven’t finished the other Rowan jacket for him. But, there were not enough skeins in a single colour. And that’s where the story should have ended. But what’s that then?


One sleeve of the Bruce cable-jumper finished, and another coming up soon? Made of what???

Huhh, I had already gotten to tempted and all excited about Bruce and as I passed my nearest yarn store (Erla) on my way home from Storkurinn, I found the perfect yarn. And bought it. But maaaan, it was expensive… 

I better finish this one soon. It’s too expensive not too!


Still going strong

December 19, 2006

Still pitchblack at 10:30 am! This can be really depressing.

You know what? WordPress and the browser on the linux computer I use (at work) do not like each other any more. I don’t know what happened with wordpress, a while ago, but I have been unable to add a knew post for quite along time! Hence, this long silence. Well, it’s also partly because of the camera no longer works, since I’m quite sure that you don’t like long blogs with no photos! I will try and make up for that know, since I have know borrowed a very, very huge, old digital camera (old compared to the fast development in technology these days). I’ve been working on several things lately. 

I prepared a little project to work on at a one-day meeting on crustal deformation at the end of last October. I had already thread some beds onto this hand-dyed cotton yarn I bought last spring in Uppsala. I didn’t use it for the original purpose, but thought of making a tiny hat for the one rolling around in my womb. So, I drew up a simple heart pattern, one large heart which I placed on the front and one smaller, placed on each ear flap

beaded heart hat for Little Spacey

Unfortunately, the image does not show the nice light green-blue colour of the yarn.

Then, I’ve been working, very slowly, on finishing the white and green baby jacket. I’ve only have some grafting left, and of course sewing on buttons and washing, but I’m nearly there. Then I cast on for a matching hat. The jacket and the hat are intended for 6 months old, so I have some time left for finishing! And I’ll post a photo once the buttons are on!

First some good knews! My brother and sister in law’s first baby was born on November 28th! This is my mother’s first grandchild. And she’ll be getting a second one in a little more than 2 months now. Yes, time really flies. MY baby grows, and the belly too. I think all is going quite well. Except  for my lack of sleep, which sadly kind of decreases my eagerness for knitting in the evenings. But enough of complaining, this is little Arna, my niece

Arna sleeping

I sent her a penguin jacket which I knitted in 1999, if I remember it correctly.  So, it has been waiting for her for quite a long time. A while ago I came across the cute penguin card and in Uppsala last spring, when Arna was finally on her way, I bought the small bath penguin:

A penguin jacket for Arna

I used Lanett superwash baby wool from Sandnes, and even found these perfect penguin buttons! I made it in size 6 months, so it will maybe fit in a couple of months.

This year me and mother will spend christmas up north in Sauðárkrókur with my brother and his little family. We’ll fly there next Friday, in only tree days. Can’t wait to meet Arna! And there I will spend four totally work-free days, enjoying christmas, relaxing and KNITTING. 

P.S. Just started chapter 2 in my thesis last night. Will now post the first chapter to one of my supervisors… Hurray