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Two FOs last week!

January 25, 2007

Just a short report, to keep you stay tuned.

I finished the cobalt blue alpaca west last week. Finally, and it’s really cute. And since it was “Bóndadagur” last Friday (you who read this page probably all know what it is, but in case not, it is the first day of the old month, Þorri, and is dedicated to the men, or the man of the house. Women are supposed to cook something good for their men, and a recent tradition is to give them flowers, or pamper them in any way)…

Yes, and since it was bóndadagur, I decided to knit Böðvar a pair of felted lopi mittens. I contacted Sigga Sif, and got her good advice and then started knitting. It took me four evenings, Sun-Wed, to finish the knitting part, the mittens were then felted on Thursday and dry and ready on Friday morning. I used leftover lopi from my two lopi sweaters, so this included stash reduction as well. Anyway, I have photographed these two FOs with my new camera but have not got as far as transfering them to the computer. I will thus post them next time.

Last Friday, a group of knitters met at Fríða’s place. I had plans to work on the grey, cabled sweater for Böðvar. You know, the one made of the expensive yarn;-) but I forgot to bring extra yarn and thus had to work on the old Rowan-sweater (also made of extremely expensive yarn:-o). And guess what? I got so interested, that I nearly finished it last night. I only have the collar left to knit. And of course all the finishing stuff. So, I guess B will get a knitted sweater for his birthday. Which is good, because I should be saving my money for a little trip to Toscana, Italy next spring. Yebb, I just got an invitation to a friends wedding there in late May. How exciting!

Plans for the weekend? To move. It has finally come to that stage. I will rent out my apartment from the 1st of February, at least. But , gosh, I will really miss it. Especially my kitchen (which I spent a lot of energy on renovating a year ago), and my bathtub. Especially my bathtub!



January 12, 2007

May I present a 2.5 year project FINALLY finished! Tadaaaaa…

Oh well, it didn’t actually take me that long. It just lay untouched for about 2 years. You should just know how good it feels to have finally finished this cardigan. I’m wondering whether I should cast on for mathcing mittens, or socks, or even the trousers? Maybe it can wait, I think this one won’t fit until about four-six months age.

Yesterday evening I wathched a great film, Memoirs of a Geisha. I really recommend that one. And while whatching, I finished the plain-rib-part of the tiny alpaca west. So, now it gives me a little more pleasure knitting this garment. I might even finish it in time:-o

I have followed the progress of tiny for each week on an Icelandic web-site maintained by midwifes.  This week I read somewhere that now it is about time to get ready and pack the bag. Ohhhmygod, it came as a  kind of shock. I’m not ready. But then same evening I went and picked the tiniest clothes I have in stock at home: some old ones since I was a newborn, and something homemade. I have a set of this lovely lilac cardigan made of Icelandic Kambgarn, hat and socks I knitted more than seven years ago. It’s maybe more girllike, but it’s warm and I could well use it for tiny for the short ride home. And since I just got my new camera yesterday, I’ll post a photo next time.

Hippy pappy newyear – blanket knitting

January 9, 2007

Dearest readers, happy new year!

I spent the Christmas this year up north in Sauðárkrókur, with my brother’s family. And, apart from the stressful day at the airport, me and mother spent three great days there before driving back home the 26th.

I brought a few knitting projects with me. Unfortunately, it was already dark when we started driving north, so I could not knit in the car during those roughly four hours which the travel lasted. I think I will leave all the details concerning the flight company and how they let us wait, and wait, and delayed the flight, which was originally scheduled at 09:30 am. To cut a long story short, it was already to windy to fly when we were finally called to the gate just before five pm. I knew about the storm in the afternoon and when it was due. So did the flight company (at least they should have), but still decided to use the plane scheduled for Sauðárkrókur to fly east first. Anyway, doesn’t matter now, back to the knitting.

I managed to get some things done during the holidays. Firstly, I finished sewing the buttons on the green/cream baby jacket. Secondly, I finished the rib for the matching hat, and started the pattern. The hat was then finished on new years eve, except for the pompom, and know lies stretched and wet and soon ready to wear and to be photographed.

Thirdly, I managed to knit a few rounds of the alpaca west (last post), but knitting plain rib isn’t much fun. So I laid it aside and started the baby blanket.

Knitting blanket

 You probably can’t see it very clearly there, but I ended up using five colours: two shades of green, two of blue and then pink. And it’s colourful indeed!!! Not like any other baby blanket I’ve seen.

I’m starting to get more and more tired and exhausted these days, and was quite busy just before I left north. So I needed my rest during Christmas. But that doesn’t necessarily mean one has to stop knitting…

Resting and knitting

I haven’t finished the blanket yet, and anyway, I have still seven weeks to go. I asked my brother to take the official 7-months photo on Christmas eve. It’s quite awful, I know, but still…

7months two to goI just look kind of chubby. Hmmm. And I’m growing quite fast these days. The days at work are getting more and more difficult, I really need a nap halfway through the day;-) This pregnancy is not quite how I imagined it would be! I really thought I would be running up and down mountains, swimming, finishing my thesis and so forth during those last weeks. Huhhh…

I finally met Sigga Sif last Thursday. We drove together to the Álafoss factory store, as Sigga needed some létt-lopi for a new sweater. I didn’t need anything and just wanted to go there and enjoy watching all the colours and stuff.  But of course I ended up buying two skeins of sockyarn. Haha, I’m hopeless at restraining myself!

The next evening Sigga Sif came for a cup of coffee and the rest of the Christmas cookies. She had started the new sweater and I cast on for the back piece of the cabled sweater. The sleeves are know finished, and I might just finish this one before Böðvar’s birthday, February 8th.

I asked my maybe-future-brother in law do buy a knew digital camera for me in the duty free store last weekend. He’ll be back tomorrow. I really hope he remembered. And if he did, the first thing I’ll do is to photograph the finished objects. Until then.