Two FOs last week!

Just a short report, to keep you stay tuned.

I finished the cobalt blue alpaca west last week. Finally, and it’s really cute. And since it was “Bóndadagur” last Friday (you who read this page probably all know what it is, but in case not, it is the first day of the old month, Þorri, and is dedicated to the men, or the man of the house. Women are supposed to cook something good for their men, and a recent tradition is to give them flowers, or pamper them in any way)…

Yes, and since it was bóndadagur, I decided to knit Böðvar a pair of felted lopi mittens. I contacted Sigga Sif, and got her good advice and then started knitting. It took me four evenings, Sun-Wed, to finish the knitting part, the mittens were then felted on Thursday and dry and ready on Friday morning. I used leftover lopi from my two lopi sweaters, so this included stash reduction as well. Anyway, I have photographed these two FOs with my new camera but have not got as far as transfering them to the computer. I will thus post them next time.

Last Friday, a group of knitters met at Fríða’s place. I had plans to work on the grey, cabled sweater for Böðvar. You know, the one made of the expensive yarn;-) but I forgot to bring extra yarn and thus had to work on the old Rowan-sweater (also made of extremely expensive yarn:-o). And guess what? I got so interested, that I nearly finished it last night. I only have the collar left to knit. And of course all the finishing stuff. So, I guess B will get a knitted sweater for his birthday. Which is good, because I should be saving my money for a little trip to Toscana, Italy next spring. Yebb, I just got an invitation to a friends wedding there in late May. How exciting!

Plans for the weekend? To move. It has finally come to that stage. I will rent out my apartment from the 1st of February, at least. But , gosh, I will really miss it. Especially my kitchen (which I spent a lot of energy on renovating a year ago), and my bathtub. Especially my bathtub!


3 Responses to “Two FOs last week!”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    I know what you mean about missing your apartment after all the work. But at least it’s very exciting about the baby! 🙂

    By the way, my Ingimar was looking over my shoulder and saw your picture with your brother and so he sends his regards to Þorsteinn and Sara. 🙂

  2. Sigurlaug Says:

    Does he know them? How? I guess I will find out when I send his regards… Heimurinn er lítill!

  3. Rebecca Says:

    His old flatmate Óskar is Þorsteinn’s brother-in-law (I think I have the relationship right).

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