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Surrounded by boxes

February 15, 2007

I am still surrounded by cardboard boxes, containing at least half of my possesions. I’m just to lazy these days to do anything about it when I return from work in the afternoon. Especially after a day like yesterday.

I had booked time at the garage for my car. The two back dampers (? shock absorbers?) are completely worn out. Anyway, I booked in two days advance, told them what the problem was. They told me how much it would approximately cost and was told to bring the car in yesterday morning around eight o’clock. I was there in time, in Hafnarfjörður. Then had to take the bus to work. Since I didn’t have the car I had to skip the pregnancy gym class in the lunch break. But just before noon I was called up and told that new dampers were not available until in two weeks time. And I would just have to make a new appointment! Didn’t they check before? I got a bit irritated. But even more so when I picked up the car and it was all covered in durt from the street where it whad been parked, outsite the garage. I step into the car and started to cry. But only a few tears. The thing is I had just spent my last strength two days ago washing it. And it took a bit more energy than I had imagined. Everything seems so much more difficult now. Even the most simplest things. And I seem to get very easily upset somehow.

I ended this lousy day by finishing the hooded lopi sweater and washed it. Well, the buttons are still not fastened on, but they will be, once it’s dry. And then I knit a few rounds of the baby blanket. It improved my moods a bit;-)


The 1 year-project Birthday cardigan

February 10, 2007

What shall one do when one cannot sleep? Toss and turn in bed? For more than an hour? No, that’s a complete waste of time. Knitting is better. At least when someone else is snoring in bed;-)

I promised some photos a while ago. First, the felted mittens. They were GIGANTIC before felting:

Lopi mittens before felting

I decided to try first one cycle on 40 degrees (C) and out they came all ready to be dried. So, I gave them to Böðvar the next morning. It was still frosty and cold, so he wore them when he left for school that morning. Haven’t been used much since. They are a bit stiff (?) but very warm, I think. I asked the receiver to pose:

B hides his face with felted lopi mittens

He claims it’s not his favourite action, don’t believe him…

Wild man wearing felted lopi mittens

And what else did I finish that same week? Uuuu (my memory is really fading these days…). Ohhh, the tiny alpaca west

Cobalt blue alpaca west for tiny 

Uhmm, I could have chosen a bettebackground. So, I tried to remember to catch the next finished project in daylight, for a change. Do you remember this one?

Rowan cardi in the book

It lay untouched for months (as many of my other “oh-must-start-now” projects). The interest finally came back and the zipper was sewed in this week. I had decided to knit it in the round. Knitting multi coloured back and forth is not exactly my idea of having much fun. So, I had to make a few adjustments. That’s why the yoke was knitted two times

Rowan cardi back collar

I think it went OK. And it didn’t occur to me either to knit the collar in two pieces and join them in the back. Why make it all so difficult?

Rowan cardi

I didn’t dare to ask the birthday boy to pose this time. Maybe later.

And the ongoing projects? Besides the blanket and the cabled pullower I decided to try and finish a hooded lopi sweater for my niece Arna. It will be a present for her in the beginning of March, when she will be babtised. Now, I only have the hood left:

 lopi sweater for Arna

I’m getting quite tired again. Maybe only four hours of sleep isn’t quite enough. After spending last night at a karaoke bar!  Tiny is trying to strecth his legs, perhaps not knowing it actually hurts a bit. Here he /she is a week ago, resting upside down during one last extra ultrasound check. Ready to enter daylight any day now. And I haven’t finished the blanket yet:-o

Tiny 37 weeks