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A hood in progress

April 23, 2007

The hood for the overall is not ready yet. Quite far from it. And I haven’t really be working on anything else. The overall, by the way, is knit in charcoal and corn-yellow Lanett (as seen in the lower left corner of next photo):

Hjalti yawning, and dressing up in various handknit items for a sleep outside in the pram. Rebecca should recognise the bootees she sent him, which are, by the way, very warm and still big enough.

Since I don’t have anything else recently knit to show you, I’ll just post one more photo of Hjalti, who took a little journey yesterday to a Sigur Rós concert, but surpricingly, slept through it all in the pram;-)

I skirnarkjol


5cm longer and another pair of bootees

April 19, 2007

I don’t get much done these days, do I? Hehe, no. But another pair of lace and diamond botees is ready. This pair is also knit in green Rowan 4 ply soft, this time with 3 mm pins, shade no. 367

 Tiny was babtised last Saturday. And he is now known as Hjalti. As my father. And great grandfather. He slept like a log during the ceremony.

Last Sunday I dressed him up in the striped pullower and  still to large socks, since I had to go down and do the laundry and took him with me. It’s quite chilly down there.


Know I’m working on a hooded overall for him. What else. Something I started 5 years ago. Hope to finish before he will grow to long for it. Hjalti now measures around 5 cm longer than when he was born. And really loves to sleep outside in the pram. He knows how to smile and made two new sounds this last week.

Diamond bootees

April 1, 2007

Wow, time surely flies!

Tiny is already one month old. And grows fast, I can tell you. I spend my day mostly as his humble servant. Last week the weather was quite ok and we took our first walks together. It is a nice change, from spending the last month almost entirely inside.

The week before he was born I finished the first hospital project, a Peru hat from the Danish book “Södt og blödt”. It’s made from Rowan felted tweed in size one year old. The next project was socks to bring him home in. Sigga Sif came for a visit on a Friday evening and I cast on, using this lovely green Drops-alpaca yarn. But the sock turned out to be way to big:

I still continued with the sock during contractions at home and at the hosptal, until I got into the bathtub… The third hospital project were these lace and diamond bootees from a Rowan pattern. The pattern is made for Rowan cotton glace and US 3 (3 1/4 mm) needles and is to fit baby of 6-9 months. I needed a pair to fit him now so I used 2.5 mm needles and 4 ply soft. I started on the first bootee at the hospital, after the birth and managed to finish the second one 2 weeks later. They are wery fun and easy to knit, so I’m about to finish a second pair in another colour (greyish green). But the first pair fits perfectly: