A hood in progress

The hood for the overall is not ready yet. Quite far from it. And I haven’t really be working on anything else. The overall, by the way, is knit in charcoal and corn-yellow Lanett (as seen in the lower left corner of next photo):

Hjalti yawning, and dressing up in various handknit items for a sleep outside in the pram. Rebecca should recognise the bootees she sent him, which are, by the way, very warm and still big enough.

Since I don’t have anything else recently knit to show you, I’ll just post one more photo of Hjalti, who took a little journey yesterday to a Sigur Rós concert, but surpricingly, slept through it all in the pram;-)

I skirnarkjol


4 Responses to “A hood in progress”

  1. marit in norway Says:

    Hann er ofsalega sætur, og mjög heppin ad eiga mömmu sem prjónar á hann!

  2. Imba Says:

    Fallegt nafn á fallegan dreng!
    Til hamingju.

  3. gingerporter Says:

    He is such a beautiful baby!!!! It brought tears to my eyes….:)

    I wish I could knit the things you have made…I can’t seem to get past a dishcloth.

    But hey, I do need them so I guess that is okay….lol

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Hjalti is so incredibly cute, especially that christening picture. He looks very handsome surrounded by all those nice knitting things. 😉

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