A new lopapeysa for Hjalti on the needles

Hjalti is already 3 months old. How time flies. And yet, it seems so long ago since he was born. He now measures 63 cm long and can grab things and hold his head upright.

I haven’t allowed myself much time for knitting. Sadly, I have instead spent too much time tidying and washing clothes and dishes, you know, this boring domestic stuff. Anyhow, the overall is nearly ready, but I still have to pick up stitches for the button list. I hate picking up stithces. So I decided to start a lopapeysa for Hjalti in the same size as the white and green one  I gave to Arna, Hjalti’s cousin:

I’m using the same pattern as for my black hooded lopapeysa. But the base colour is white and the pattern colours are two shades of blue. I shall post a photo when I’m done. I’m knitting the pattern on the second sleeve now. 

Since I haven’t any new stuff to show you I decided to post a photo of this knitted set my grandmother, Elísabet, knitted for my brother 40 years ago. Hjalti is using it now:

I think it’s made of acrilic yarn, but it’s nice and warm. I haven’t seen this pattern anywhere else (you can click the image and choose a larger one from the photo web page) and I really like the little pompoms on the socks. But I also knitted a baby set 8 years ago. I didn’t want to give it away and kept it for my self, in case I could use one day. It’s made of lilac Kambgarn, Icelandic wool:


3 Responses to “A new lopapeysa for Hjalti on the needles”

  1. Alice from france Says:

    This baby will be keep really warm with all those beautifuls cardigans, sweaters and hats!

  2. Sigga Sif Says:

    Oh, hann er svo sætur! Mikið hlakka ég til að hitta ykkur!

  3. Rebecca Says:

    He really is so cute. I especially like the purple baby set that you knit, it’s very pretty.

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