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Nearly there…

September 25, 2007

I asked the model to pose, wearing the bear-overall. He agreed:

Hjalti wearing the overall

I also asked him if it were OK if I snapped a photo when he was wearing a jumper I crocheted in the spring 2002. He didn’t get the chance to reply…

crochet jumper in white

It is buttoned in the back and was made of old stash yarn my aunt gave me years ago. She also gave me the pattern book which I used.

Details: Crocheted in may, 2002, along with a bonnet and bootees; yarn: acrylic, don’t know which type, old stuff I was given; Pattern: nr. 8372 from Marks babyjournal nr. 44 (Swedish), from the 60’s or the 70’s.

I have almost finished the hooded lopi sweater, the only thing left is the chrocheted button list:

But tonight, I´m working on another unfinished jumper and browsing through books, looking for  something to knit for a baby due in the end of November.


The never ending project…

September 19, 2007

… has finally been finished. And is already in use. May I present, the bear-overall:

and in more detail:

Pattern: From Dale Baby collection nr.102;  yarn: Lanett 100% wool; year started: 2002; finished: September 2007

Yebb, one more old UFO finished. That’s the way to go;-)

The thumbless mittens I knit this summer were very quick but fun to knit:

It’s already getting colder and just time for a pair of mittens and an overall. For the mittens, I found the pattern on Garnstudio’s web and used green Drops Alpaca.  Hjalti is a lucky boy. When I returned home from work today, his aunt, Hildur, was visiting and had brought him a handknitted west and a hat. And soon he’ll have a new lopapeysa because I’m back in the knitting mood! Hooray!

some updates

September 7, 2007

Blogging has not been on hold because of any real or important reasons. And 3 months is a little bit too much. Updates?

I have not finished the overall. But I picked up the last stitches last night and should finish the button list today. Then I might be able to buy the buttons on saturday. Ok, now I have a plan…

I have not finished the lopi-cardigan for Hjalti.

I have not touched Böðvar’s expensive cable pullover. Thus, I ‘m glad he doesn’t even know about it!

I finished a pair of new mittens for Hjalti in June/July, but they haven’t been photographed yet.

And I also finished the green pair of Hjalti’s socks, which were on the needles before he was born:

And in action…

Two weeks ago, I started working. So I will have even less time on my hands for knitting. So don’t expect anything great for the next year or so.  I obviously still have to learn to organise time better!