some updates

Blogging has not been on hold because of any real or important reasons. And 3 months is a little bit too much. Updates?

I have not finished the overall. But I picked up the last stitches last night and should finish the button list today. Then I might be able to buy the buttons on saturday. Ok, now I have a plan…

I have not finished the lopi-cardigan for Hjalti.

I have not touched Böðvar’s expensive cable pullover. Thus, I ‘m glad he doesn’t even know about it!

I finished a pair of new mittens for Hjalti in June/July, but they haven’t been photographed yet.

And I also finished the green pair of Hjalti’s socks, which were on the needles before he was born:

And in action…

Two weeks ago, I started working. So I will have even less time on my hands for knitting. So don’t expect anything great for the next year or so.  I obviously still have to learn to organise time better!


One Response to “some updates”

  1. rmcfarland Says:

    Oh, but there is already something great in the picture, wearing those pretty socks! 😉 Mig langar að sjá meira myndir af Hjalta! 😉

    Spend your time resting and enjoying him, there is more time for knitting later.

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