The never ending project…

… has finally been finished. And is already in use. May I present, the bear-overall:

and in more detail:

Pattern: From Dale Baby collection nr.102;  yarn: Lanett 100% wool; year started: 2002; finished: September 2007

Yebb, one more old UFO finished. That’s the way to go;-)

The thumbless mittens I knit this summer were very quick but fun to knit:

It’s already getting colder and just time for a pair of mittens and an overall. For the mittens, I found the pattern on Garnstudio’s web and used green Drops Alpaca.  Hjalti is a lucky boy. When I returned home from work today, his aunt, Hildur, was visiting and had brought him a handknitted west and a hat. And soon he’ll have a new lopapeysa because I’m back in the knitting mood! Hooray!


4 Responses to “The never ending project…”

  1. Hege Says:

    How cute, both the boy and the mittens 🙂
    Great blog you have 🙂

  2. rmcfarland Says:

    Sætur! (bæði samfestingur og Hjalti) Samfestingur er svo flottur. Vettlingar eru yndislegir líka.

  3. Gerða Björk Says:

    Mig langar í svona galla! Rosaflott prjónles og drengurinn fallegur.

  4. Harpa J Says:

    ,,Þetta” er allt svo fallegt! Gallinn, vettlingarnir og drengurinn auðvitað…

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