Nearly there…

I asked the model to pose, wearing the bear-overall. He agreed:

Hjalti wearing the overall

I also asked him if it were OK if I snapped a photo when he was wearing a jumper I crocheted in the spring 2002. He didn’t get the chance to reply…

crochet jumper in white

It is buttoned in the back and was made of old stash yarn my aunt gave me years ago. She also gave me the pattern book which I used.

Details: Crocheted in may, 2002, along with a bonnet and bootees; yarn: acrylic, don’t know which type, old stuff I was given; Pattern: nr. 8372 from Marks babyjournal nr. 44 (Swedish), from the 60’s or the 70’s.

I have almost finished the hooded lopi sweater, the only thing left is the chrocheted button list:

But tonight, I´m working on another unfinished jumper and browsing through books, looking for  something to knit for a baby due in the end of November.


4 Responses to “Nearly there…”

  1. rmcfarland Says:

    Oh, Hjalti is so cute in that overall! The lopapeysa is just lovely. Maybe you can make the baby jeans from Knitty? I made those for a baby gift last year, they were a pretty quick knit if I remember correctly.

  2. Johiris Says:

    HOW Beautiful!!!! He is really beautiful baby and the overall is just SO cute!!!

    I love it! Well, now you have your model 😉

    I sent you a comment on your other blogg. But I never had to signed…I don’t know if you got it…

    Big Hug

  3. Mrs Petersson Says:

    I really like the hoodie,and the green one you showed earlier. Would like to make some for my kids. Any hints on patterns, how do you cut the front and make edges?

    Ása Lóa

  4. Harpa J Says:


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