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October 18, 2007

Time for an update?

I finished the hoodie a while ago. Since then, I’ve been knitting a hat for a baby. I decided to make a beaded one, similar to the blue one I made for Hjalti a year ago, but with a fancy edge, since it is a baby girl. Since I  had to buy more yarn, you see, I’m trying to use up my stash, I went to the yarn shop (Storkurinn). I ended up buying not one skein, but seven! I was too tempded to buy yarn for a baby, cabled pullower which I saw there while ago and have been thinking about ever since. In order to get the pattern, one has to buy the yarn too. So of course I did;-)

I saw that I always forgot to post the finished hoodie made for my cousin, here it is
white and green lopapeysa for Arna

And Hjalti’s in white and blue shades 

white and blue hoodie for Hjaltiwhite and blue hoodie for Hjalti

Details: Approximately size 98 cm (or 86, not sure). Yarn: icelandic Létt-lopi (lopi light). Needles no. 4.5mm, 3.5 for cuffs. Pattern: A free pattern from Ístex. For this one, I used leftover lopi, I only had to buy one skein of white extra.