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Two hats

March 27, 2008

Last month, I knit a hat as a birthday present for Böðvar (boyfriend). I chose Jared’s Koolhas hat pattern, which I find absolutely smashing. I dug up some rests of Rowan Magpie in black, since B. likes it simple. It has quite rough texture and I thought it would fit very well with the pattern to make it look something Böðvar would like. Anyway, it takes quite some time to work with the cable needle in every second row (or was it every row?), but when I had just begun the decreasing at the top, I was out of yarn. Oh, this was frustrating. I checked Rowan’s web site but could not find the Magpie yarn. Still a bit hopeful, I paid a visit to the yarn store to check. It wasn’t available. A little less hopeful, I checked Ebay. I found Rowan-Magpie, but not in black. Now, to save all the work done, I ripped the knitting down to the beginning of the decrease, twice, and finally managed to finish the hat properly using the yarn I had left. It turned out very well and not too short at all, or so I think:

Böðvar wearing Koolhas-1

Böðvar wearing Koolhas-2

And I actually think it looks very good on him. Thus, I was quite sad when he later told me that he thinks it is a bit girly. Especially when someone at school mentioned it was. Argghhh. And he’s wearing the old hat again…

I also knit a hat for my mother using the Foliage hat pattern from Knitty. I used one strand of Dale-Falke and one strand of Kitten Mohair (from Sandnes garn) held together. It’s very soft, but perhaps a little to wide

Foliage hat

Finally, after knitting two lopi-wests for Böðvar’s two daughters (the subject of next post), I decided to do something for myself. At the moment, I’m working on two dresses. One is with a classical lopapeysa-yoke pattern, the other one is a lace dress. I’m so excited to finish and wear them, that I totally neglect the hosehold. My home is a mess! And I even forgot to do the tax-report until one hour before the deadline last night! Fortunately, I got an extension;-)


Some more Kambgarn stuff

March 18, 2008

A little more than three years ago, I cast on for a toddler’s pullover. I’m happy I didn’t get the chance to give it away to the one it was originally ment for, because it is really nice for Hjalti. I wove the ends in (with a little help from Böðvar’s mother) and washed it very recently


The pattern shows various animals: sheep, cows, ducks, pigs and flowers. I really like it, it is in the Ístex pattern book nr 19, Kambgarn, which I mentioned earlier in last post. It is the only published pattern book for Kambgarn that I know of.

I had forgotten that the matching mittens had already been knitted, so several days ago I finished the detail work

húsdýravettlingar úr kambgarnihúsdýravettlingar

And more Kambgarn? In November, I mentioned to three of my friends whether they wanted to make a blanket for a common friend of ours, that had recently given birth to her first baby. To my surprise, they all agreed to do their part, and last weekend, I finished the knitted crochet edge and washed it, I’m very pleased with the result:

vinkonu leppateppi hand Berglindi

We plan to give it away next weekend. I’m very excited to see the look on her face. I think she has no idea what we’ve been up to:-)

1 year old

March 6, 2008

A week ago, Hjalti turned one year old. How time flies…

Hjalti 1 year old

Since last entry, he now knows how to sit and stand up on his own, walk with support, and point to things he likes to have and grab almost anything he wants;-) Motherhood is certainly demanding and I feel like I have very little time for knitting. But still, I have made several small projects recently and plans for several more. The theme of recent projects has first and foremost been: use up stash. And there is certainly the need to, since I own four 40 litre plastic boxes down in the storage room, plus yarn probably to fill two more. So, first I made mittens for my niece Arna, for her 1 year birthday in November.

Mittens for 1 year old niece Arna

Pattern: based on pattern “Fjóla” from pattern book nr 19 Kambgarn from Ístex and cross stich from book on Rósavettlingar

colour scheme: my own

yarn: Kambgarn nr. 9667 and 0945

needles: 3.0 mm double pointed (five) needles

Then, during Christmas, I used the same pattern to make another pair for Hjalti

striped mittens for Hjalti

yarn: Kambgarn nr. 9667 and 9656

needles: 2.5 mm

It shows that they have been used daily for the past two months. The sad news is, however, that one mitten got lost last Tuesday, when Hjalti went for a ride in the car with his father. Oh well, I obviously have to knit a string to tie the next pair together.

Then there was the hat and booties I made for my friend’s daughter, born 21st November:

Since christmas, I have been working on a cabled pullover for Hjalti (still not finished) , I finished two hats, a lopi west and maybe something more I might have forgotten at the moment. So, plenty more for next post, which shall appear soon. Promise;-)

Tonight, I will attend the knitting cafe in Kópavogur and work on a recently started project: a dress. See you there!