Some more Kambgarn stuff

A little more than three years ago, I cast on for a toddler’s pullover. I’m happy I didn’t get the chance to give it away to the one it was originally ment for, because it is really nice for Hjalti. I wove the ends in (with a little help from Böðvar’s mother) and washed it very recently


The pattern shows various animals: sheep, cows, ducks, pigs and flowers. I really like it, it is in the Ístex pattern book nr 19, Kambgarn, which I mentioned earlier in last post. It is the only published pattern book for Kambgarn that I know of.

I had forgotten that the matching mittens had already been knitted, so several days ago I finished the detail work

húsdýravettlingar úr kambgarnihúsdýravettlingar

And more Kambgarn? In November, I mentioned to three of my friends whether they wanted to make a blanket for a common friend of ours, that had recently given birth to her first baby. To my surprise, they all agreed to do their part, and last weekend, I finished the knitted crochet edge and washed it, I’m very pleased with the result:

vinkonu leppateppi hand Berglindi

We plan to give it away next weekend. I’m very excited to see the look on her face. I think she has no idea what we’ve been up to:-)


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6 Responses to “Some more Kambgarn stuff”

  1. Hege Says:

    The sweater is adorable!
    I can see why you’re glad you didn’t give it away 🙂

    And the blanket is beautiful – I guess your friend love it!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    The sweater and mittens are so cute! And Hjalti is just adorable, such a happy looking baby! (Nice to see you are having some free time to blog. 🙂 )

  3. Harpa J Says:

    Hjalti er alger dúlla – og peysan, vettlingarnir og teppið er virkilega flott!

  4. Deborah Larson Says:

    I bought that book while in Iceland because the patterns were stunning. I now need to figure out how to get some of them translated. Any ideas ? I am starting with the red cap and jacket – Punktar Perlur on page 10 & 11. Pointing in the right direction would be very appreciated. Deb

  5. Debbie Says:

    I was wondering if there is anyway to email you about the pattern. I cannot find the Lopi book #19 anywhere. Your knitting is wonderful. Thanks

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