Two sleaveless pullowers and a lace dress

Monday morning, and no work. How nice. Hjalti and Böðvar are fast asleep upstairs and I have a quiet, spare moment on my own. I cannot remember when I finished these two létt-lopi pullowers, sometime in February. I took photos a while ago, but managed somehow to delete the ones from the black one so I took it out last Thursday, and snapped a photo in the afternoon sunlight. I knit the black and red west for Böðvar’s elder daughter. She chose the pattern and colours (same colours as were shown for this pattern, of course 😉 but when it came to wearing it she didn’t really like it. Something with the wool, she feels that it itches.

Oh well. I cast on for another one for her younger sister. That one was based on a pattern no. 11 (Týra, which is a dog’s name)  from a Ístex pattern book no. 25. There it is a sweater with sewn-in-sleaves and a different colour-scheme than here, but I liked this base colour better (it’s warmer) plus  I used leftovers for the pattern. I’m very happy with the result, and I guess she’s too, at least she uses it:

The pullowers are both knit it létt-lopi (lopi light) on 4.5 mm needles (4.0 mm for the edges). After finished them I decided it was about time I did something for myself! So, naturally, I went shopping. I decided to stick to the icelandic wool and bought enough material for two dresses: one létt-lopi dress and one lace dress made of thin einband (single spun), which can be found in ístex’s new pattern book, Einband. I started in the beginning of March and finished the lace dress a week ago, so it took me two months to knit it.

I wore it for the first time last Thursday, and again yesterday to a confirmation party. I changed the original colours slightly and used shades nr. 1038, 0885, 0853 and 0852.

For the past two months, I’ve gone on two trips abroad for work, to Naples and Vienna. In both trips, I had to take two flights to reach the destination. This sums up to 8 flights, which really helped for making progress with the lace dress! Now with this one finished, I’ve started to work on the létt-lopi dress again. I finished the single-coloured body  yesterday and started the sleaves. Cannot wait to finish, because I have something special on my mind which I want to try.   



6 Responses to “Two sleaveless pullowers and a lace dress”

  1. Stella Says:

    Mikið er kjóllinn fallegur. Til hamingju!

  2. ilmur Says:

    geggjað flottur!

  3. Harpa J Says:

    Algert æði! Til hamingju!

  4. Berglind Says:

    Mikið svakalega er þetta góð hugmynd hjá þér, með hundavestið!!
    Svo er eingirniskjólinn nátturulega rosa flottur.

  5. karen Says:

    i love the dress. I was wondering whether the single spun yarn is lopi lite yarn as well. I’m about to knit a dress and in Vancouver, where I live it doesn’t ever get too cold, so I started thinking maybe the single spun is a good idea. I love the lopi lite look, I love their yarn’s earthy qualities. I was also wondering whether you found the dresses you knit in lopi lite and the lace dress stretched out of shape easily? Thanks for showing all your great creations. Karen

  6. quilting fabric Says:

    quilting fabric…

    […]Two sleaveless pullowers and a lace dress « Knitomania[…]…

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