A magnitude 6.3 earthquake and a finished dress

I had collected Hjalti from the daycare and we were enjoying the good weather, sitting outside on the lawn in the back yard when the 3rd large Suðurlands-earthquake occurred last Thursday, May 29th, at 15:36. Wow, it was so exciting to feel the noise, the high frequency vibration of the P-wave and then the shear motion of the S-wave and then the surface waves, right under my bottom! Thousands and thousands of aftershocks have occurred since, probably close to 8000 events. You can just imagine how exciting this is for a geophysicist.

As the earthquake struck, I was knitting the neckline of the lopi dress which I’ve been working on since March. Despite of the rising temperature (just checked the thermometer here at work/the Met Office which shows more than 13°C) I convinced myself this morning that it was actually cold and it wasn’t such a bad idea to wear it today. It turned out to be a sunny day, but very windy;-)

detail of a brown lopi dress

Unfortunately, I can’t show you any pretty pictures, just this one which I took while it was still drying


8 Responses to “A magnitude 6.3 earthquake and a finished dress”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Kjólinn er fallegur!

  2. Fríða Says:

    vá, þessi er flottur! hlakka til að sjá þig í honum, kannski þegar fer að kólna aftur í haust.
    og með lopa-vestið fyrir stelpuna, prófaðu að þvo það aftur og láta slatta af góðri hárnæringu í vatnið og leyfa því að liggja góða stund í henni. það verður svo mikið mýkra, kannski getur hún þá notað það, og svo auðvitað þurfa þessir krakkar að vera í bol innan undir.

  3. Mrs Petersson Says:

    Thanks for the hint on Eingirni. I will get someone to send it to me. A friend from Selfoss visited us last week and showed some pics, and that was some quake! I her house everything had fallen to the floor, but almost nothing broke. Now they just had to get the thousands of books back in order…

    Åsa Lóa

  4. Sheena Says:

    beautiful dress.
    i am cold in australia in winter – who would have thought – and thinking of my friends at home (glasgow) and their lopi from iceland.
    i can’t knit well – but i want to learn now – especially if i could make a dress like yours!
    where do you get your patterns from?

  5. Sonja Says:

    Þessi kjóll er bara æði. Flott mynstur og flottir litir.

  6. Inga Says:

    This dress is just beautiful!
    Where did you get the pattern from?

  7. Sigurlaug Says:

    It is from a lopi pattern book no. 26 from Ístex, http://www.istex.is/default.asp?sid_id=7900&tre_rod=002|003|005|&tId=1
    I used the same colours as shown in the booklet.

  8. huldretime Says:

    Very special that you felt the earthquake; I read about it back in May.
    I am very intrested in geology and the North.
    Have been twice on Iceland and loved it!
    I also buy Lopi directly, which is my fave yarn.
    Nice dress – really beautiful!!!
    Welcome to my blog!
    ~ ♥ ~
    Love from the continent

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