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the missing details: Upp and Jaywalker

October 25, 2008
I forgot to mention all details about the two last projects. The fingerless mittens or grifflur were knit from less than single skein (50g) of Icelandic einband, colourway 0347 (I think, it’s grey-blue), the pattern is called Upp and is in the Einband pattern book, published by Ístex last winter. I knit the smaller size. The Jaywalker socks (pattern by Grumperina and can by found on Ravelry) were knit from Noro Kureyon Sock yarn, colourway #95-Lime-hot pink-orange, which I purchased in Storkurinn. The yarn is very colourful and nice but it’s not very elastic so the sock soon become very wide. I used less than one skein (100g), I think the colours repeat themselves three times and I used just over two colour-cycles. I had plans to use the rest for a pair for Hjalti but when, I don’t know.
I finished weaving in ends on my létt-lopi vest today. I think I’m pleased with it. Since I haven’t washed it I haven”t taken any photos but I have something else to show you, which I forgot I had made last time I blogged:
It’s a pair of fingerless mittens which I made in August for my mother. The pattern is called Fetching and I found it on Ravelry. The yarn was originally bought for a pair of wristwarmers, but I didn’t use it that time, Rowan Kid Classic colour #847. Needles 4 mm. Again, less than one skeined was used (0.68 skeins).

At last, at last

October 20, 2008

I’m still alive, but knitting is barely so. Well, the thing is, I finally kicked my arse and did something about my thesis, i.e. I got into the mood and started writing. In september this went really well and I sort of put my knitting aside to reduce temptations and encourage me to write in the evenings instead. But now, this doesn’t work any more and I lost my mojo. I’ve been struggling and trying to get something done but the productivity is close to zero. Still, my goal was to finish a draft for all chapters in October. I still have 11-12 days. I’ve been thinking about taking a few days off work and use some of my vacation, which I still have left, to get myself together and try and finish. Writing between 9AM and 3PM might be easier. Or am I just fooling myself?

This summer we (all five of us) took a “little” vacation abroad. For three weeks we drove through Denmark, Sweden and Norway. For me, it wasn’t much of a time off, far too much driving and stress. The most relaxing time of the trip was the time in the Ferry, which we took from Seyðisfjörður to Jylland (Denmark) and back home from Bergen in Norway. On the boat, while Hjalti was sleeping, I managed to finish a pair of fingerless mittens (for me) and nearly finish a pair of Jaywalker socks, I think it’s the first pair I’ve ever knit for me:


At the moment I’m knitting a lopi-vest for me, it’s going very, very slowly because of aforementioned reasons. But I really need to finish this damn thesis so I can start knitting again without feeling guilty all the time. Plus I need the vest, it’s getting very cold here know.