Thesis: 99 pages Lopavesti: Done

Yesterday, I got back in the right mood and decided to send a draft of the thesis to my supervisors. This ended in staying at work until more than 0400 AM this morning, since I also had to prepare for a visit to a primary school at 0810 to tell 10 year olds about earthquakes in SW-Iceland, or more precicely Suðurlandsskjálftar.

Yebb, the thesis counts all in all 99 pages, including a front page, bibliography, appendices etc.But it’s not done yet. I still haven’t finished some stuff and need to work hard to make it before next graduation deadline. The problem is that I have another deadline in January (another paper). And I need to finish Hjalti’s Christmas clothes, preferably before the 24th!

I finished my létt-lopi vest more than a month ago, and I’m wearing it constantly. Like the colours, the lenth, but it’s a little to wide though:

lopavesti for me

lopavesti for me

Since this one was off the needles it was time to finish some old stuff. Do you remember the Rowan Bruce cable sweater? Anyway, I cast on for Bruce in December 2006. It has taken waaaay too long time to finish it. I guess I laid it aside because of the new baby, then I wanted to knit for the new baby (Hjalti, for those who might not now); then I wanted to to something for myself for a change. And I certainly did. But, as it is soon Christmas, I dug in and finished the piece. Here he is, Bruce, made of Lana Grossa Mille on 7 mm needles, 6 mm for cuffs:

Bruce for Böðvar

Bruce for Böðvar

The financial crisis is taking it’s toll. And even we poor knitters suffer, for imported stuff like needles and yarn is getting sooo expensive. Two yarn stores are even out of needles in some sizes. I needed one more skein to finish the cable monster, but the owner of the store told me that the yarn I needed would’nt be available for some time, since the gray color was sold out. Ohhh. But then she offered me to take the knitted sample hanging in the store. And that did the trick. It saved the piece. Oh, lucky lucky me! Now I just have to wrap it up and buy something surprising to add to the present:
Bruce for Böðvar
Since Bruce has been off the needles, I’ve knitted a pair of knee-high Christmas socks for Hjalti, and started on a tasselled, traditional Icelandic hat for him. The plan is to finish a pair of trousers and a vest too, so he will wear a sort of a Icelandic costume at Christmas. With the thesis, paper, crisis and all, we’ll see how it goes;-) One last, my lovely boy, helping mom to clean the floor…
Hjalti killing floors


3 Responses to “Thesis: 99 pages Lopavesti: Done”

  1. Harpa J Says:

    Mjög flott, bæði vestið og peysan! Gangi þér vel með restina!

  2. Berglind Says:

    Mjög flott hjá þér. Gaman að sjá aðra liti í vestinu. ÉG er líka með nokkur svona skemmtileg verkefni sem þurfa að bíða betri tíma. Ætlaði að hekla jólagardínur og er ca búin með 1/5 af þeim. Vonadi klárast þær einhverntímann.
    En ég væri til í að sjá myndir af dressinu sem þú ætlar að gera á soninn.

  3. Jóhanna Says:

    Töff vestið!

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