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More of the never-ending d… thesis and something traditional

January 27, 2009

Hi again, and hippi pappy new year (quote Pooh bear). I have made more than one attempt to post a quick update but seem to have a problem connection to wordpress. Today I finally succeeded. So, what’s new? I managed to finish Hjalti’s vest on aðfangadagur, or approximately at noon December 24th! The trousers weren’t finished until the morning of the 25th, Christmas day. I was quite pleased with the outcome:

Hjalti wearing his first Icelandic costume and eating Cheerios

Hjalti wearing his first Icelandic costume and eating Cheerios

Hjaltis home made Christmas chlothes

Hjalti's home made Christmas chlothes

The plan was to make him a pair of skinnskór, I only managed to finish the pair of insoles, or íleppar (also called rósaleppar), needed for the shoes. Here they are, made of Kambgarn as well as the green knee-high socks and the skotthúfa (tasseled hat)

Rosaleppar fyrir Hjalta úr Kambgarni

Rosaleppar fyrir Hjalta úr Kambgarni

The aim is to make the shoes before Hjalti’s 2nd birthday, which is only a month away!

Last saturday I finished a toddler’s lopapeysa, made for a friend’s daughter. I gave it away yesterday. And yesterday eventing I finished knitting my first baby surprice jacket, intended for the brother in law’s one month old daughter. I actually cast on for the project the day befor she was born, knowing (in my heart) that is was a girl. Today I’ll buy the buttons and wash it.

But the thesis… The professor says it’s too much to publish as an MSc thesis and thinks I should save 2/3 of the work for a Phd. My supervisor hasn’t read it through yet so I’m still waiting for her comments. So, unfortunately (very, very unfortunately), despite my efforts, its not over yet.