Thesis: 124 pages; knitting stuff: some…

Three posts in 2009 sofar! That won’t do.
But I guess I have a proper excuse now. Finally, finally
I finished the monstrous thesis and turned it in. It counts 104 pages, or 124 in total. Now I’ve only got one presentation left plus the extra preparing for printing.
And then I can go on with my life…
So, until next Thursday afternoon I will keep my new, huge, Icelandic pattern book (Sjónabók) wrapped up. It has been lying around in the plastic bag since I bought it last April and I may not touch it until I’ve finished the presentation and got my grade.
I have been knitting though. I finished a pair of green shell pattern socks in May:

My green shell pattern socks

My green shell pattern socks

New spring socks

New spring socks

The pattern is from Nancy Bush’s book Knitting Vintage Socks.  I used 2 skeins of green Regia sock yarn which I bought in Denmark last summer (2008) and needles 2.5 mm.
I think I’ll save the rest of the finished projects for next post.

First I’ve got to do some photo shooting.  And prepare a proper presentation for a project that should have been finished four years ago!

Wish me luck!



One Response to “Thesis: 124 pages; knitting stuff: some…”

  1. Fríða Says:

    áfram Sigurlaug! nú er þetta alveg að verða búið, svo þá er bara að setja á þetta lokahnykkinn! svo ætlum við sko að hafa saumaklúbba alveg villt og galið, i hverri viku ef því er að skipta! hugsaðu þér bara hvað þú verður fegin þegar þetta er frá og hvað þér mun finnast þú hafa mikinn frían tíma!

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