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It’s about time…

October 24, 2006

Finally, the reading course is over. And the exam too. And what a relief! I just checked my grade and I did OK too. Or quite well in fact. And that’s a big boost for my poor, low ego;-)

I have to decide myself, when the next deadline is. I wan’t to finish as much writing as possible before February. So, I have to make a new writing-plan(easy), and stick to it (not as easy)! But somehow, I think it will be kind of difficult. Most of the time I find myself quite tired after a normal working day. And the writing has to be done after work- when I always find it much, much more tempting to go home, relax and knit. Ohh, poor, poor me…

And the progress of long term projects? I am already in my 23rd week, and more than half-way there! Only four months left. How time flies.  Little Spacey is expected the 23rd of February:

Little Spacey

Seeing this little creature moving around on the screen during the ultrasound check two weeks ago was so strange; I almost shed a tear, but of course managed to stay cool;-)

And knitting? Well, I can tell you that I spent quite a productive day at the airport in the beginning of October. My group of friends had decided on taking a trip to Copenhagen to celebrate our 30th birthdays. This was decided last spring. I therefore woke up at four o’clock am the 5th of October. Took the first Flybus from Reykjavík at 04:45 and managed to work on a Mason-Dixon bib on the way to Keflavík-airport, despite the dark and lack of sleep. On our arrival, we had to wait a bit in the check in line. So I continued my knitting there.  And again I sat down while waiting for departure, which was sceduled at 07:15. When we got to the gate, in time, no one was there! To cut a long story short, we had all in all a 9 hour delay! What fun! Fortunately, I had planned more than one knitting project. First I finished, the bib. Then I knitted a washcloth, for one in my email-knitting group in Iceland (we’re exchanging washcloths). Then I started a second washcloth, using the rest yarn, just to try a knew pattern. There they are

two bibs and washcloths

In the trip, I also did some crochet- I made the pieces for the teddy bear-baby garland you see on the photo below

Teddy Garland

I still haven’t put the pieces together, but I intend to make another one for my little niece (or nephew), who is due in the beginning of December. On the plane, I also began working on a pair of wristwarmers, matching a black Odessa hat which I had finished the night befor the flight. The hat and the warmers were intended as a birthday gift to one of my (travelling) friends. I gave it to her yesterday and think she was very pleased. She hadn’t noticed though, that I was knitting her gift on the plane. And she sat beside me! I’ve asked her to send me a photo wearing the gift, and when I get it, I’ll post it here. But instead, I have a photo of my mother’s warmers (which I intended to give her at Christmas, but just couldn’t wait and gave her last Sunday)


But do you know what? I haven’t finished a single thing initially intended for my Little Spacey. And still I always find the time to make spontaneous gifts for someone. The last gift I finished was yet another pair of wristwarmers, knitted using a Rowan pattern and yarn (kid soft, double) and 7 mm pins. A very quick project and the receiver was very pleased too when I gave her the present on her graduation day, last Saturday. Since then, I’ve decided to dedicate my spare time making something for ME. And very wice it was, for yesterday I was asked to knit another pair for a colleague. I said no, but found it very, very hard to do so. I’ll post a photo of the pink warmers next time. But actually a very “foggy” one, since my 3-year-old snapshot camera has been declared out of order and “nonrepairable”.