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I deserve to buy me a skein of new yarn, I really do!

August 22, 2006

Phewww. Then that’s done. Had a presentation at a very small seismological conference this morning. And feel quite relieved. It was only something I’ve talked about several times before. But you know, I still feel I deserve to buy a one tiny little skein of Rowan Cashsoft DK for the Odessa hat by Grumperina. Don’t I?

It’s not intended for me, though. No, I rather thought of it as a birthday or a christmas gift for someone special.

I’ve finished some other things recently than the two lopi-jackets. I knitted this baby jacket in Uppsala for a baby that was due in late May. I didn’t know whether it was a boy or a girl, but I really liked this greenish blue colour and had actually bought some  for myself before leaving Iceland. So, I thought my frient wouldn’t mind dressing her babygirl in this blue, wonderfully soft alpaca-wool jacket. I think she loves it.

I used this top-down Magnits pattern with a few changes. I really liked the selection of buttons at my favourite yarn shop in Uppsala. These really add the touch. I wish they had this fancy stuff here in Reykjavík.
I’m off, heading to the yarn shop…


Now I have a plan, and new yarn

May 11, 2006

Hmmm. Could life be more beautiful? Now that I have made a plan (thesis), and… have bought 9 skeins of Drops alpaca wool for this marvellous, colourful west in my favourite yarn shop, down town in Uppsala? I also bought a pair of wooden knitting pins, hoping to be able to knit on the plane to Helsinki. The sun was still shining when I woke up this morning. I hardly believed the forcast would hold, but of course it did. I had just finished shopping the yarn when a few drops started to fall and by the time I got back to Geocenter the rain was falling even harder and I could hear the sound of distant thunders. Oh well, I guess sunny days couldn't last for ever. And anyway, why should I care? I still have to spend my days at the office, trying to be productive… I actually also bought one skein of drops-alaska yarn (wool). Could't resist it. Your know the feeling. And I had not quite made up my mind, whether I should start to knit this cabled pullower (the one no. 85-23) for Böðvar, or the Alpaca-west. Instead of knitting the pullower in the traditional off-white colour, I was wondering if it would look cool in a different colour. I chose a shade of blue (no. 52), it's actually a very similar to the one Sigga Sif chose for her leaf lace pullower. If I'm pleased with the colour, I will buy some more. Last night I finished the baby jacket (more alpaca wool;-), watching another two episodes of Sex and the City. I haven't taken any photos yet, since I still have to sew on the buttons and decorate it with pearls. Hmmm; and I still haven't written those 1,5 pages I was supposed to write today. So, that's it for now…

Thesis: 0 pages – lopapeysa: done

May 10, 2006

I just had to finish knitting this one before I got out this morning:

I'm actually quite pleased with the colours I selected and the few, small changes I made to the pattern. I still have some grafting, sewing and washing to do before I can give it, but still, I'm almost there;-)

 The same can though not be said about my d… thesis. Progress? None. But… I've decided to start today at 4PM. Wish me good luck!

 Now, I still haven't decided what to knit on the plane to Helsinki. Shall I start something new?

Mad about pearls

April 27, 2006

I finished knitting the first half of my little secret project during two episodes of Sex and the city last night. I just forgot to buy a needle to sew it together last time I visited the yarn store. Maybe I shall take a stroll downtown and get one for the evening? Not such a bad idea. Anyway. It's made of black alpaca wool from Garnstudio and white pearls, which I also bought at the yarn shop. I drew the pattern using  two different patterns from photos I found on the internet and then added the dots. So here's what the wristwarmers look like

An almost finished wristwarmer Wristwarmer, alpaca wool and pearls

 Before I went to sleep last night I finished threading the 216 pearls needed for one warmer onto the alpaca yarn. Can't wait to finish the second one! So far I've drawn two other patterns and will definitely try them when I've fineshed these.