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Elsa’s Héla-lopapeysa and my first baby surprise jacket

February 23, 2009

Hi. I haven’t been around here much lately. We’ve been spending nearly all our leisure time working in the apartment, into which we’ll be moving in less than a week. However, in January, before this work started, I had finished a couple of sweaters for two cute little girls, Elsa Edda and the newborn niece of Böðvar.

Elsa Edda, my friend’s daughter, got a late Christmas gift, a ‘lopapeysa’ with a yoke pattern taken from one of Védís Jónsdóttir’s patterns, Héla.

Bangsi dressed up in lopapeysa

Hjalti was dressed up to pose in the newly washed lopi and wouldn’t take it off again. I heard that Elsa Edda wouldn’t take it off either, so I guess it was a success

Hjalti wearing Elsas lopapeysa

Hjalti wearing Elsa's lopapeysa

The baby surprise jacket for miss Kjartansdóttir was knit from Rowan tapestry, a blend of mohair and soya protein fibres. I really love the colours and think they’re excellent for this project. I heard that the little miss and the jakcket payed a visit to the president the other day and that he commented on that ‘beautiful jacket’. Of course, I was very pleased to hear it:-) Very pleased indeed!

Baby surprise jacket in Rowan Tapestry

Baby surprise jacket in Rowan Tapestry

back of bsj

back of bsj

I’ll be moving in about a week, so there won’t be any time for knitting for about 2 weeks. But I will get back to you as soon as I can. Until then…


A magnitude 6.3 earthquake and a finished dress

June 4, 2008

I had collected Hjalti from the daycare and we were enjoying the good weather, sitting outside on the lawn in the back yard when the 3rd large Suðurlands-earthquake occurred last Thursday, May 29th, at 15:36. Wow, it was so exciting to feel the noise, the high frequency vibration of the P-wave and then the shear motion of the S-wave and then the surface waves, right under my bottom! Thousands and thousands of aftershocks have occurred since, probably close to 8000 events. You can just imagine how exciting this is for a geophysicist.

As the earthquake struck, I was knitting the neckline of the lopi dress which I’ve been working on since March. Despite of the rising temperature (just checked the thermometer here at work/the Met Office which shows more than 13°C) I convinced myself this morning that it was actually cold and it wasn’t such a bad idea to wear it today. It turned out to be a sunny day, but very windy;-)

detail of a brown lopi dress

Unfortunately, I can’t show you any pretty pictures, just this one which I took while it was still drying

Two sleaveless pullowers and a lace dress

May 12, 2008

Monday morning, and no work. How nice. Hjalti and Böðvar are fast asleep upstairs and I have a quiet, spare moment on my own. I cannot remember when I finished these two létt-lopi pullowers, sometime in February. I took photos a while ago, but managed somehow to delete the ones from the black one so I took it out last Thursday, and snapped a photo in the afternoon sunlight. I knit the black and red west for Böðvar’s elder daughter. She chose the pattern and colours (same colours as were shown for this pattern, of course 😉 but when it came to wearing it she didn’t really like it. Something with the wool, she feels that it itches.

Oh well. I cast on for another one for her younger sister. That one was based on a pattern no. 11 (Týra, which is a dog’s name)  from a Ístex pattern book no. 25. There it is a sweater with sewn-in-sleaves and a different colour-scheme than here, but I liked this base colour better (it’s warmer) plus  I used leftovers for the pattern. I’m very happy with the result, and I guess she’s too, at least she uses it:

The pullowers are both knit it létt-lopi (lopi light) on 4.5 mm needles (4.0 mm for the edges). After finished them I decided it was about time I did something for myself! So, naturally, I went shopping. I decided to stick to the icelandic wool and bought enough material for two dresses: one létt-lopi dress and one lace dress made of thin einband (single spun), which can be found in ístex’s new pattern book, Einband. I started in the beginning of March and finished the lace dress a week ago, so it took me two months to knit it.

I wore it for the first time last Thursday, and again yesterday to a confirmation party. I changed the original colours slightly and used shades nr. 1038, 0885, 0853 and 0852.

For the past two months, I’ve gone on two trips abroad for work, to Naples and Vienna. In both trips, I had to take two flights to reach the destination. This sums up to 8 flights, which really helped for making progress with the lace dress! Now with this one finished, I’ve started to work on the létt-lopi dress again. I finished the single-coloured body  yesterday and started the sleaves. Cannot wait to finish, because I have something special on my mind which I want to try.   



October 18, 2007

Time for an update?

I finished the hoodie a while ago. Since then, I’ve been knitting a hat for a baby. I decided to make a beaded one, similar to the blue one I made for Hjalti a year ago, but with a fancy edge, since it is a baby girl. Since I  had to buy more yarn, you see, I’m trying to use up my stash, I went to the yarn shop (Storkurinn). I ended up buying not one skein, but seven! I was too tempded to buy yarn for a baby, cabled pullower which I saw there while ago and have been thinking about ever since. In order to get the pattern, one has to buy the yarn too. So of course I did;-)

I saw that I always forgot to post the finished hoodie made for my cousin, here it is
white and green lopapeysa for Arna

And Hjalti’s in white and blue shades 

white and blue hoodie for Hjaltiwhite and blue hoodie for Hjalti

Details: Approximately size 98 cm (or 86, not sure). Yarn: icelandic Létt-lopi (lopi light). Needles no. 4.5mm, 3.5 for cuffs. Pattern: A free pattern from Ístex. For this one, I used leftover lopi, I only had to buy one skein of white extra.

Nearly there…

September 25, 2007

I asked the model to pose, wearing the bear-overall. He agreed:

Hjalti wearing the overall

I also asked him if it were OK if I snapped a photo when he was wearing a jumper I crocheted in the spring 2002. He didn’t get the chance to reply…

crochet jumper in white

It is buttoned in the back and was made of old stash yarn my aunt gave me years ago. She also gave me the pattern book which I used.

Details: Crocheted in may, 2002, along with a bonnet and bootees; yarn: acrylic, don’t know which type, old stuff I was given; Pattern: nr. 8372 from Marks babyjournal nr. 44 (Swedish), from the 60’s or the 70’s.

I have almost finished the hooded lopi sweater, the only thing left is the chrocheted button list:

But tonight, I´m working on another unfinished jumper and browsing through books, looking for  something to knit for a baby due in the end of November.

A new lopapeysa for Hjalti on the needles

June 5, 2007

Hjalti is already 3 months old. How time flies. And yet, it seems so long ago since he was born. He now measures 63 cm long and can grab things and hold his head upright.

I haven’t allowed myself much time for knitting. Sadly, I have instead spent too much time tidying and washing clothes and dishes, you know, this boring domestic stuff. Anyhow, the overall is nearly ready, but I still have to pick up stitches for the button list. I hate picking up stithces. So I decided to start a lopapeysa for Hjalti in the same size as the white and green one  I gave to Arna, Hjalti’s cousin:

I’m using the same pattern as for my black hooded lopapeysa. But the base colour is white and the pattern colours are two shades of blue. I shall post a photo when I’m done. I’m knitting the pattern on the second sleeve now. 

Since I haven’t any new stuff to show you I decided to post a photo of this knitted set my grandmother, Elísabet, knitted for my brother 40 years ago. Hjalti is using it now:

I think it’s made of acrilic yarn, but it’s nice and warm. I haven’t seen this pattern anywhere else (you can click the image and choose a larger one from the photo web page) and I really like the little pompoms on the socks. But I also knitted a baby set 8 years ago. I didn’t want to give it away and kept it for my self, in case I could use one day. It’s made of lilac Kambgarn, Icelandic wool:

Surrounded by boxes

February 15, 2007

I am still surrounded by cardboard boxes, containing at least half of my possesions. I’m just to lazy these days to do anything about it when I return from work in the afternoon. Especially after a day like yesterday.

I had booked time at the garage for my car. The two back dampers (? shock absorbers?) are completely worn out. Anyway, I booked in two days advance, told them what the problem was. They told me how much it would approximately cost and was told to bring the car in yesterday morning around eight o’clock. I was there in time, in Hafnarfjörður. Then had to take the bus to work. Since I didn’t have the car I had to skip the pregnancy gym class in the lunch break. But just before noon I was called up and told that new dampers were not available until in two weeks time. And I would just have to make a new appointment! Didn’t they check before? I got a bit irritated. But even more so when I picked up the car and it was all covered in durt from the street where it whad been parked, outsite the garage. I step into the car and started to cry. But only a few tears. The thing is I had just spent my last strength two days ago washing it. And it took a bit more energy than I had imagined. Everything seems so much more difficult now. Even the most simplest things. And I seem to get very easily upset somehow.

I ended this lousy day by finishing the hooded lopi sweater and washed it. Well, the buttons are still not fastened on, but they will be, once it’s dry. And then I knit a few rounds of the baby blanket. It improved my moods a bit;-)

Finally, I finished someting!

August 15, 2006

Hello there!
It’s been an awfully long silence. I don’t quite know what happened but I haven’t uttered a word here since I came from Sweden. Thankfully, I haven’t stopped knitting, but somehow I’ve been working on so many things at the same time that for quite long I didn’t actually finish anything. But that has changed!

To start with, I have to show you this photo of a proud mother wearing her birthday present:

She looks happy, doesn’t she?

Then, when Sigga Sif came here for a visit in late June, we went together shopping for Icelandic wool, lopi. I wanted to do another lopi-jacket for myself, and finally finished it last weekend. Well, I still have to sew the zipper in, but I’m almost there:

I’m quite happy with the result.

At last, do you remember this one?

I was never quite happy with the colour scheme. But anyway, I finished knitting the sweater, but that was it. I never got to the finishing stage. I seriously began to think about ripping it last week. I just needed someone´s honest opinion before I did it. So, when Sigga Sif came for a visit yesterday, and agreed, I did it. And it didn’t feel all that bad.

Then, I had to do a little bit of knitting when I was in bed last night, and since I could sleep no longer than until six o’clock this morning, I did a little bit more. I just had to see whether I was pleased with the two colours I chose instead of the red and brown ones:

Actually, they’re quite safe, since these are the same ones I used for mothers jacket. I think this will do. What do you think?