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5cm longer and another pair of bootees

April 19, 2007

I don’t get much done these days, do I? Hehe, no. But another pair of lace and diamond botees is ready. This pair is also knit in green Rowan 4 ply soft, this time with 3 mm pins, shade no. 367

 Tiny was babtised last Saturday. And he is now known as Hjalti. As my father. And great grandfather. He slept like a log during the ceremony.

Last Sunday I dressed him up in the striped pullower and  still to large socks, since I had to go down and do the laundry and took him with me. It’s quite chilly down there.


Know I’m working on a hooded overall for him. What else. Something I started 5 years ago. Hope to finish before he will grow to long for it. Hjalti now measures around 5 cm longer than when he was born. And really loves to sleep outside in the pram. He knows how to smile and made two new sounds this last week.


A son is born

March 14, 2007

Finally I have a spare moment to bring you some good news…

My firstborn will be 2 weeks old later today. February 28th, at 17:55,  I gave birth to my son. He measured 52 cm long and weighed 3400 grams. Long and slender. Couldn’t be more perfect or more beautiful, at least not to the parents;-)

me and son resting after a busy day

father and son the next morning

I woke up the night before tuesday feeling the first contractions. I read that if one feels labour starting, one should continue with everyday tasks. And so I did on Tuesday. This involved tidying and cleaning thouroghly the bedroom and living room, collecting the baby bed, getting it all ready and neat for the one I was expecting. I should have known better. After another sleepless night with banging headache and much worse and regular contractions (and the pain involved) I finally understood why everyone was telling me to rest the last days;-)

But it all went well. Böðvar finally convinced my to go to the hospital at around ten AM and just before 6 PM it was all over.  And on Friday morning we took our little one home, of course wearing the knitted alpaca west, new matching cabel gloves and the bead hat to keep him warm. And tugged up in the striped blanket:

wearing alpaca west mom knit

on my way home

Life has changed dramatically. I spend most of the day nursing, changing diapers, nursing, maybe resting a bit, eating and doing laundry. But last night I managed to finish little booties I started at the hospital after the birth.  I had prepared three labour projects, in case things would take a long time. I managed to finish the first one before it all started. It was a Peru hat for a one year old. Then I started another one in a different colour. I’ve only finished one ear flap of that one since I decided I had to make warm socks for the son to wear on our way home. I finished the first one on Tuesday night. And it was way to big! But started the second one and kept knitting between contractions on wednesday. Also at the hospital. Until I got into the huge bathtub there. I highly recommend knitting during the early stages of labour. One dosn’t use the time for much else anyway. And walking around knitting takes the mind a bit from the current situation. I think I kept on knitting until 5-6 cm dilated. If you know what I mean…

I’ll post  a photo of the labour-projects next time. First I want to wash the diamond booties.

Just one last photo: Tiny one at home, resting under the duvet-cover which I finished just in time…