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Thesis: 124 pages; knitting stuff: some…

September 27, 2009

Three posts in 2009 sofar! That won’t do.
But I guess I have a proper excuse now. Finally, finally
I finished the monstrous thesis and turned it in. It counts 104 pages, or 124 in total. Now I’ve only got one presentation left plus the extra preparing for printing.
And then I can go on with my life…
So, until next Thursday afternoon I will keep my new, huge, Icelandic pattern book (Sjónabók) wrapped up. It has been lying around in the plastic bag since I bought it last April and I may not touch it until I’ve finished the presentation and got my grade.
I have been knitting though. I finished a pair of green shell pattern socks in May:

My green shell pattern socks

My green shell pattern socks

New spring socks

New spring socks

The pattern is from Nancy Bush’s book Knitting Vintage Socks.  I used 2 skeins of green Regia sock yarn which I bought in Denmark last summer (2008) and needles 2.5 mm.
I think I’ll save the rest of the finished projects for next post.

First I’ve got to do some photo shooting.  And prepare a proper presentation for a project that should have been finished four years ago!

Wish me luck!


Thesis progress: none; knitting: one scarf done

April 15, 2009
Rósaleppatrefill Berglindar

Rósaleppatrefill Berglindar

There has been none progress on the thesis since no effort has been put into it.
However, since it is much more fun, of course, I’ve been working on various projects, but only one finished, a narrow scarf with icelandic insole roses, knit in garter stich for a friend.



The pattern is found in Helene Magnússon’s book, Rósaleppaprjón. I used Kambgarn from my stash and needles no. 3,0 mm.

The never ending project…

September 19, 2007

… has finally been finished. And is already in use. May I present, the bear-overall:

and in more detail:

Pattern: From Dale Baby collection nr.102;  yarn: Lanett 100% wool; year started: 2002; finished: September 2007

Yebb, one more old UFO finished. That’s the way to go;-)

The thumbless mittens I knit this summer were very quick but fun to knit:

It’s already getting colder and just time for a pair of mittens and an overall. For the mittens, I found the pattern on Garnstudio’s web and used green Drops Alpaca.  Hjalti is a lucky boy. When I returned home from work today, his aunt, Hildur, was visiting and had brought him a handknitted west and a hat. And soon he’ll have a new lopapeysa because I’m back in the knitting mood! Hooray!

A hood in progress

April 23, 2007

The hood for the overall is not ready yet. Quite far from it. And I haven’t really be working on anything else. The overall, by the way, is knit in charcoal and corn-yellow Lanett (as seen in the lower left corner of next photo):

Hjalti yawning, and dressing up in various handknit items for a sleep outside in the pram. Rebecca should recognise the bootees she sent him, which are, by the way, very warm and still big enough.

Since I don’t have anything else recently knit to show you, I’ll just post one more photo of Hjalti, who took a little journey yesterday to a Sigur Rós concert, but surpricingly, slept through it all in the pram;-)

I skirnarkjol

The 1 year-project Birthday cardigan

February 10, 2007

What shall one do when one cannot sleep? Toss and turn in bed? For more than an hour? No, that’s a complete waste of time. Knitting is better. At least when someone else is snoring in bed;-)

I promised some photos a while ago. First, the felted mittens. They were GIGANTIC before felting:

Lopi mittens before felting

I decided to try first one cycle on 40 degrees (C) and out they came all ready to be dried. So, I gave them to Böðvar the next morning. It was still frosty and cold, so he wore them when he left for school that morning. Haven’t been used much since. They are a bit stiff (?) but very warm, I think. I asked the receiver to pose:

B hides his face with felted lopi mittens

He claims it’s not his favourite action, don’t believe him…

Wild man wearing felted lopi mittens

And what else did I finish that same week? Uuuu (my memory is really fading these days…). Ohhh, the tiny alpaca west

Cobalt blue alpaca west for tiny 

Uhmm, I could have chosen a bettebackground. So, I tried to remember to catch the next finished project in daylight, for a change. Do you remember this one?

Rowan cardi in the book

It lay untouched for months (as many of my other “oh-must-start-now” projects). The interest finally came back and the zipper was sewed in this week. I had decided to knit it in the round. Knitting multi coloured back and forth is not exactly my idea of having much fun. So, I had to make a few adjustments. That’s why the yoke was knitted two times

Rowan cardi back collar

I think it went OK. And it didn’t occur to me either to knit the collar in two pieces and join them in the back. Why make it all so difficult?

Rowan cardi

I didn’t dare to ask the birthday boy to pose this time. Maybe later.

And the ongoing projects? Besides the blanket and the cabled pullower I decided to try and finish a hooded lopi sweater for my niece Arna. It will be a present for her in the beginning of March, when she will be babtised. Now, I only have the hood left:

 lopi sweater for Arna

I’m getting quite tired again. Maybe only four hours of sleep isn’t quite enough. After spending last night at a karaoke bar!  Tiny is trying to strecth his legs, perhaps not knowing it actually hurts a bit. Here he /she is a week ago, resting upside down during one last extra ultrasound check. Ready to enter daylight any day now. And I haven’t finished the blanket yet:-o

Tiny 37 weeks  

Two FOs last week!

January 25, 2007

Just a short report, to keep you stay tuned.

I finished the cobalt blue alpaca west last week. Finally, and it’s really cute. And since it was “Bóndadagur” last Friday (you who read this page probably all know what it is, but in case not, it is the first day of the old month, Þorri, and is dedicated to the men, or the man of the house. Women are supposed to cook something good for their men, and a recent tradition is to give them flowers, or pamper them in any way)…

Yes, and since it was bóndadagur, I decided to knit Böðvar a pair of felted lopi mittens. I contacted Sigga Sif, and got her good advice and then started knitting. It took me four evenings, Sun-Wed, to finish the knitting part, the mittens were then felted on Thursday and dry and ready on Friday morning. I used leftover lopi from my two lopi sweaters, so this included stash reduction as well. Anyway, I have photographed these two FOs with my new camera but have not got as far as transfering them to the computer. I will thus post them next time.

Last Friday, a group of knitters met at Fríða’s place. I had plans to work on the grey, cabled sweater for Böðvar. You know, the one made of the expensive yarn;-) but I forgot to bring extra yarn and thus had to work on the old Rowan-sweater (also made of extremely expensive yarn:-o). And guess what? I got so interested, that I nearly finished it last night. I only have the collar left to knit. And of course all the finishing stuff. So, I guess B will get a knitted sweater for his birthday. Which is good, because I should be saving my money for a little trip to Toscana, Italy next spring. Yebb, I just got an invitation to a friends wedding there in late May. How exciting!

Plans for the weekend? To move. It has finally come to that stage. I will rent out my apartment from the 1st of February, at least. But , gosh, I will really miss it. Especially my kitchen (which I spent a lot of energy on renovating a year ago), and my bathtub. Especially my bathtub!

Short term and long term projects

September 17, 2006

I’ve had more than enough of the yellow dress. Why? Last weekend, I finished the second sleeve and the neckline, with quite a lot of pain… Firstly, I picked up 50 stitches on the back, but not on the front. I didn’t notice though, until I had cast off. Bother. I ripped it and started to pick up 40 stiches on the back. Amazingly, I managed to finish and cast off without making any errors. Then I picked again up 50 stitches, now on the front piece. Knitted, and cast off. The neckline has a picot edge, as well as the sleeves and the hem. So, the next thing to do was to fold the neckline and sew the edge down. And I started, only to notice another error on the front edge: I forgot once yo between two k2tog in the picot row….. And that’s not good enough, so I ripped up to that part, and knitted and cast off for the 3rd time. Arghhhhh!”#$%&/()#$% I hate, hate, hate mistakes…

Last Thursday I finished knitting the third pair of wristwarmers (handstúkur). This pair will be a christmas present for my mother. It’s OK, she already knows. But I forgot to take a photo. I’ll post it next time, promise. It has taken me quite a while to finish the warmers, I guess I started in June. The reason might be, that 390 beads were needed for each one… But It was worth the effort. You’ll see… (But don’t expect anything as spectacular as Sigga Sif’s wedding gloves!!!)

And of more long term projects: Here’s a background project that I’ve been working on lately

Two hearts beatingThis is a hint: A tiny, tiny heart beating somewhere down there, twice as fast as mine…

I expect to finish in a little more than five months. If all goes well…

Now, to prepare for the above mentioned, I’m knitting this jacket using off-white Lanett baby wool as a base colour and three shades of green for the pattern:


I actually started that one, hmmm… more than 2 years ago as a gift for a friend’s newborn, but didn’t finish (surprise, surprise…) I tend to do that a lot, as you might have noticed… The baby still got a gift, since I made another one, just in time; a striped jumper, a lot easier to knit but has been worn a lot. But back to the jacket: Since the pattern is something I have to concentrate on and takes quite a long time to knit, I decided to wisit the Alafoss-factory yesterday and buy some cotton yarn for a short term project, a Mason-Dixon bib. That one, I can have as a purse-project (carry it around, knit in the car…), since it is easy to knit and doesn’t need a lot of concentration. 

Finally, I finished someting!

August 15, 2006

Hello there!
It’s been an awfully long silence. I don’t quite know what happened but I haven’t uttered a word here since I came from Sweden. Thankfully, I haven’t stopped knitting, but somehow I’ve been working on so many things at the same time that for quite long I didn’t actually finish anything. But that has changed!

To start with, I have to show you this photo of a proud mother wearing her birthday present:

She looks happy, doesn’t she?

Then, when Sigga Sif came here for a visit in late June, we went together shopping for Icelandic wool, lopi. I wanted to do another lopi-jacket for myself, and finally finished it last weekend. Well, I still have to sew the zipper in, but I’m almost there:

I’m quite happy with the result.

At last, do you remember this one?

I was never quite happy with the colour scheme. But anyway, I finished knitting the sweater, but that was it. I never got to the finishing stage. I seriously began to think about ripping it last week. I just needed someone´s honest opinion before I did it. So, when Sigga Sif came for a visit yesterday, and agreed, I did it. And it didn’t feel all that bad.

Then, I had to do a little bit of knitting when I was in bed last night, and since I could sleep no longer than until six o’clock this morning, I did a little bit more. I just had to see whether I was pleased with the two colours I chose instead of the red and brown ones:

Actually, they’re quite safe, since these are the same ones I used for mothers jacket. I think this will do. What do you think?

Idleness? No…

April 26, 2006

It's about time that I updated this blog. Although I haven't written anything for almost a month now, doesn't necessarily mean I haven't been doing anything. The problem is just that I haven't FINISHED anything since I wrote last time. Except for the stiching project I told you about last time. The thing is that I'm away now until the end of May, taking a course at Uppsala University in Sweden.

 I nearly finished the first sleeve from the Rowan-jacket for Böðvar the day before I went. But I decided not to take that project with me, since it's very bulky and the yarn would take too much space in my otherwise stuffed suitcase. Instead, I brought létt-lopi to knit a birthday present for my mother. I started to knit the body on the plane on my way here and now I'm about to finish the first sleeve. Hmmm, I guess you think this is going very slowly, but I've actually  had to remember myself of why I'm really here (i.e. not for knitting)… I have to do well in this seismology course, and preferebly write something useful for my thesis. But at least I allow myself to knit while I eat breakfast. And of course if there's something special on TV. Or if I take the bus instead of the bicycle. Or just if the weather is great and I just want to enjoy the sun on my doorsteps…

 But what you probably don't know is that here in Uppsala they have this fascinating yarn shop, YlloTyll. It's just wonderful. I've been there tree times already (I arrived April 9th). And of course I had to buy some yarn. So know I'm also knitting a baby jacket in this wonderfully soft, blue alpaca wool (actually the same colour I bought for a jacket for myself just before I left Iceland; and it's waiting for me…). But that wasn't enough. No. I also bought one skein of quite expensive, handdyed cotton for a little something. And,… ohh well, I also bought some more alpaca (just one skein though) for a little secret project I hope to finish soon. And then I'll tell you what it is, and of course I will add a photo too;-) I think it won't be to long…

 The pattern I'm using for my mother's "lopapeysa" is this one from Ístex. As usually, I'm using different colours. The base colour is forest green and the two additional colours are apple green and white. I won't knit the hood since my mother doesn't like it. Now I am a little worried that I have knitted the sleeve a bit too tight. Maybe I can strech it when I wash it? It will also widen a bit when one wears it? Won't it? 

A small stitching project

March 29, 2006

On Wednesday last week, I went home from work, feeling ill. I also spent Thursday mostly in bed, and half Friday as well. My spirits were so low that I was hardly interested in finishing my little hooded jacket!!! No, I'm quiet serious. But I find it very, very difficult staying home, not doing anything useful, so I started on a sewing project I had decided to do a few weeks ago. And, man, I got so into it I could hardly stop.

I use shaded lilac and and green thread to stitch this simple pattern, which then will be sewn onto a white, baby duvet cover (sængurver).